What is the Difference Between a Hair Stylist and a Hairdresser?

If you’ve ever been to a hair salon in Boynton Beach, you’ve probably heard the terms “hairdresser” and “hair stylist” thrown around a few times. The two titles seem very similar, but do they mean the same thing? Are all hairdressers also hair stylists, or are they a different profession? We’re here to answer any questions you may have about what to call your hair professional, and what their title means in terms of education, experience, and qualifications.

What is a Hairdresser?

Technically, a hairdresser is someone who has undergone cosmetology school and become certified in the cutting and coloring of clients’ hair. These are the professionals that you typically see in the salon for any trims, haircuts, highlights, full color, chemical perms or treatments, and hair replacement treatment appointments. These professionals work out of a shared or private salon, since their specializations require a lot of tools and equipment that are not easily portable.

Hairdressers need more strict education and certifications than a hair stylist since the changes they make to your hair are permanent and cannot be easily washed out or undone. So, when looking for a hairdresser be sure that they’re with a reputable salon, as they will have had to have the proper training and certs. to get the job. If they’re a freelancer or private salon, it’s totally acceptable to politely ask about their education and certifications!

What is a Hair Stylist?

A hair stylist does exactly what the title leads you to believe, style the hair. These are the professionals you see when you have an important event like prom or a wedding and want an expertly crafted updo or beautiful bouncy waves that last all night. These professionals are typically trained in using heat tools and hair products to create different amazing, but temporary, styles on clients’ hair.

However, since the changes being made to clients’ hair are not permanent, there are no set requirements for certifications or education for hair stylists. Many have attended cosmetology school and are hairdressers as well, but some can be self-taught. Again, it is ok to politely ask if you would like to know about their education and experience.

Why are the two used interchangeably? 

So, now that you know the “technical” definition of each term, you may be wondering why we use the two interchangeably? Realistically, it’s because “hairdresser” is a very outdated term now-a-days. Since it is not as popular to go to a salon or hair professional for only a hair styling, being just a hair stylist is not nearly as common now a days. Almost every hair stylist you encounter is also a hairdresser, so we typically only use the term stylist in the modern industry. 

So, if you see a “hair stylist” advertised on a website, do not worry that they do not have the proper education or experience to make permanent changes to your hair. If they are offering cuts and color, they have to be certified to perform these services.

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