What Can I Put In A Gift Basket For A Friend Who Is Ill?

What will you do when your friend is sick? The treatment given to the ailing person affects the recovery period. After undergoing an examination and getting medicine from a doctor, patients have to rest at home or in the hospital. So they can recover quickly. Well, as a good friend, of course, you need to show concern for them. The first thing you can do is visit and accompany him. If your friend is staying at the hospital, choose the right time before going to visit.

When relatives or close people are sick, the attention you give them is meaningful to them. But during busy activities that take up time, sometimes you don’t have time to visit them. It moves you to give them something. However, what can you add to the basket? Usually, fast healing hampers are synonymous with fruit. It is because the fruit has a lot of content that humans need. Here are some fruit choices that you can add to the basket.


  1. Grapes: This little purple moon-shaped fruit is an excellent source of antioxidants. Therefore when you are not feeling well, regularly eat grapes. It is because the antioxidant content in grapes is known to fight viruses. In addition, grapes can also increase blood production will increase energy. Grapes also contain minerals that can make your body recover faster when sick.
  2. Bananas: Bananas are a natural source of sugar which is good for health. The content of sucrose, glucose, and fructose is known to help restore the body’s condition. In addition, there are also several substances in bananas that can increase antibodies, such as potassium, sodium, vitamin B6, and several other nutrients. Bananas can also help increase the production of hemoglobin in the body.
  3. Apples: When you are sick, try to eat apples often. Because apples are fruits that contain high levels of vitamins C and B complex. These can overcome fatigue and increase the body’s immune system. Moreover, apples also contain antioxidants that are effective against cancer and various other disease-causing viruses.
  4. Mango: It also contains a lot of fiber. Besides having a good impact on digestive health, mangoes can also boost a weakened immune system. This mango fruit contains 25 carotenoids which are very good for the health of the body. Mango has high enough folate. So for pregnant women, this fruit is also suitable for consumption to maintain a healthy pregnancy.


Except for fruit, you can also add other things to your get well soon hamper.

  1. Favorite food or drink

A patient is usually bored with food or drinks from the hospital. And they tend to want to eat some purchased from outside the hospital. Buying the patient’s favorite food or drink can make the patient feel happy. But there is one thing that we should know whether the food or drink we buy is taboo for the patient or not. And one more thing about the cleanliness of the place where you buy them, you need to pay more attention!

  1. Snack

There is nothing wrong with someone who is sick eating a snack, as long as the snack eaten is not harmful to health. Therefore, another alternative that you can take when visiting them is healthy snacks, such as snacks made from fruits and vegetables. Chips from dried fruits and vegetables, for example. Or you can also give them biscuits.


  1. Flower

Flower arrangements are also an option that people often choose to give to their sick friends. Flowers have a positive influence on the brain. So it is good to put a vase filled with flowers in the room of someone who is sick. Choose flower arrangements with soft colors so that they are pleasing to the eye and can give peace to the mind of your friend who is in the process of recovery. You can choose several types of flower arrangements. You can choose white gerberas, white roses, sunflowers, beautifully decorated chrysanthemums in a vase, or others. Don’t forget to accompany a get well soon greeting card so that your colleagues are even more excited to get back healthy. Click these same day flower delivery Singapore to grab yours.

  1. Your homemade food

Textured foods such as porridge are perfect for them. This has through in such a way to make. It has a soft texture and is easy to swallow. It is suitable for consumption for those that have difficulty swallowing hard-textured foods. Another advantage of porridge is that several toppings make the porridge more delicious. Various kinds of healthy toppings you can put on it, such as chicken.

Another healthy processed food is soup. Because it is made from a mixture of chopped vegetables with a delicious broth. It is more delicious eaten when conditions are still warm. Because it is made from vegetables, this soup can be used as a souvenir for them. Another advantage of this soup is that it has a delicious gravy and can be mixed with rice so that the rice is easily swallowed by them.