What are the worst foods for kidney stones?

Kidney stones or called renal calculi is one of the common causes that affect our community especially the elderly. Based on what it’s called; kidney stones are a condition where there is some stones formation that happens in the kidney. Usually, it happened due to possible factors such as dehydration, diets, lifestyle, obesity, certain medical conditions and also some medications. These stones will affect the body especially the urinary system. People that have this condition will usually have symptoms such as:

  • Severe and sharp pain in the back
  • Painful radiation towards the lower abdomen or groin
  • Burning sensation during urination
  • Pain that fluctuates in intensity

Some people with kidney stones also reported to have cloudy or foul-smell urine, increased the need for urination, nausea, vomiting, chills and also rigor. Bear in mind that these symptoms are exhaustive. Other people might experience other types of symptoms. For people with kidney stones, what is the food that can make it worse? This doctoroncall’s article will discuss the worst foods for kidney stones.

Worst food for kidney stones

If you are diagnosed with kidney stones, you need to start thinking about your diet. Firstly, you must eat a healthy diet and also avoid eating some foods that can worsen your condition. Below is the list of some common foods that are bad for your kidney stones:

  1. Salt

Yes, salt is a very common ingredient that is used in almost every prepared food. A diet that is high in sodium is not good for your kidney stones because it can increase the formation of kidney stones. So, it is a good idea to limit or reduce the intake of salt in your daily diet. If possible, try not to use it at all. Make sure you avoid eating fast food especially because they are usually high in sodium.

  1. Animal protein

Animal protein such as red meat, chicken, fish, egg or pork are very high in protein. Protein is not good for kidney stones because it can be broken down into uric acid, which, in turn can help to facilitate the formation of kidney stones. Besides, it also reduces a chemical called citrate. Citrate job is to reduce the kidney stones in the body. You can try taking some foods that are animal protein alternatives such as tofu, chia seed or the Greek yogurt.

  1. Food with high oxalate

Oxalate is a chemical in the food that can help the formation of kidney stones. Kidney stones that are formed by this particle are usually called oxalate crystals. You need to make sure that you limit the intake of oxalate in your diet. Better, try to not take any foods that contain this particle at all. Some foods that contain oxalate are chocolate, beets, nuts, tea, spinach, rhubarb, sweet potatoes and also Swiss chard. If you need to take any of these foods, you must read the ingredients first before using it.

  1. Cola drinks

Cola is one of the most common carbonated drinks. We all are quite aware that drinking a lot of cola drinks is very bad for our health. One of the effects that cola drinks have is it can help the formation of kidney stones. This is because it contains a lot of phosphate. Phosphate is the other chemical that can cause stones in your body. Hence, it is a very wise idea to stop drinking cola drinks altogether. Besides, it also contains a lot of sugar. This is why it tastes so sweet. Sugar is also bad because the fructose and sucrose inside it can increase the risk of getting kidney stones.