What are The Phases of Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment comprises several distinctive phases that are vital on your journey to a straighter and healthier smile. From that initial visit to Irving orthodontist for treatment and up to the day when your braces come off and your transition to your retainer, being conversant with these phases will assist you as a patient to take full control and pride in your orthodontic experience. In this article, we shall describe each of these phases as highlighted above.

Initial consultation

The orthodontist performs thorough checkups on the status of dental health by examining your teeth, jaws, and bite alignment. X-rays, photographs, and impressions could also be taken for diagnosis and support in developing a treatment plan. Discussions with your orthodontist are also paramount; you express your concerns, goals, and treatment preferences to the orthodontist to lay the solid foundation of your personalized treatment plan.

Phase One: In this phase, the braces, clear aligners, or other orthodontic appliances are equipped. Adjustment appointments are scheduled, and your orthodontist is there to regularly check on your progress it all through toward your dream smile. The patient’s calls to treat, especially aligners and the correct number of elastics, have an impact on the outcomes.

Phase Two: This is the finishing phase when active care is complete. Your teeth are wonderful, polished, and aligned, and the focus has shifted to Phase II. Final adjustments will align and fit your teeth to perfect the alignment of your smile. Correcting your bite guarantees that every tooth is repositioned for an attractive and functional mouth.

Retention Phase: After completing the active treatment, the retention phase begins: Your orthodontic treatment process is already over, none of that retains or maintains the present look. Your orthodontist’s assistants will take away your braces or orthodontic mouthpieces and hand these retainers to you.

Long-Term Follow-Up: Regular exam visits are also crucial for achieving the results long term: When you finish the bulk of active treatment, your orthodontist will schedule future recall appointments and solutions.

Regular dental appointments allow your orthodontist and your previously diagnosed dentist to restore and/or therapy confidence in your smile for the remainder of your life. Orthodontic therapy involves multiple levels and is the key to obtaining a confident smile. The journey is quite pleasant, and you can achieve your goals with the help of your doctor.