America as a country is obsessed with guns; there is no denying that. In California, an adult over 21 can legally possess a gun. Many believe having a gun in the house makes them feel safe and secured. Some say owning a gun makes them feel protected from outside threats. While all these might be true, there is definitely a downside to it. Continue reading this article to go through the nitty-gritty of the matter and make an informed decision about owning a gun.

Prohibition and limitation of gun laws: A licensed gun dealer cannot legally sell or supply a gun to anyone under the age of 21. In California, carrying a concealed firearm is a crime if one does not have a concealed carry permit. Penal code 16590 prevents the processing or selling of certain firearms such as short-barreled shotguns and rifles. Penal Code 33600 prohibits one to manufacture and distribute zip guns, whereas Penal code 306000 bans the production of BMG rifles and assault weapons.

  • There are certain places (six to be precise) where one cannot carry a firearm. These places are: schools, public buildings, government buildings, the governor’s mansion, airport terminals, and public transit facilitates.
  • In California, one cannot own armor-piercing bullets, silencers, stun guns, and laser scopes. Carrying any of such assault weapons violates specific penal codes and resulting in legal punishments.
  • A convicted felon is prohibited to own guns or any firearms. Narcotic addicts, a person with mental illness, anyone with two or more convictions to their criminal records are banned to own firearms of any kind.

Violation of Gun laws: When a gun law is violated, one is sure to be arrested. The accused is taken promptly to police custody, where he must remain until produced in the court for a bail hearing. Upon arrest, the accused has the right to remain silent and the right to counsel. He must be given access to legal help after arrest as it is every American’s constitutional right.

How to get bail: The process of bail is fairly simple if one knows who to contact and how to proceed. Though bail is set from a pre-determined bail schedule, one might find the amount excessive. An accused may appeal to the court for a reduced bail amount. Considering one’s financial status, the judge might rethink the bail amount and set a reduced sum for bail.

  • A defendant need not pay the whole amount upfront to get out of jail. Numerous reputed bail companies are working in California to provide the defendant with a fast bail service. Each county has specific bail bondsmen to assist local defendants with bail requirements. For example, defendants in Huntington Beach may access the reputable Huntington Beach bail bonds service for getting a fast bail.
  • Before engaging a bail company, check their license to ensure authenticity. Thankfully in California, most bail firms provide customers with online service. Therefore, if you find your loved ones in jail, you can bail them out without having to actually go to the police station.

In the end, one must remember that owning guns is a matter of serious responsibility. If one is not serious enough about the maintenance of the guns, it can lead to fatal consequences. Keeping a gun in the house with children brings its own sets of problems. Before opting for a gun, ask yourself the hard questions. Do you really need a firearm in the house to feel protected? If you don’t find convincing enough reasons to own a gun, the best thing would be not to purchase one.