Should you have your bachelor’s night at a gentlemans club?

There are a lot of taboos around gentlemen’s clubs in general. There’s also a lot of taboos around bachelor’s nights (buck’s nights in Australia). Where should you do it? How? Should you even do it? What happens when you mix the two highly looked-down-on concepts? The concept of having a bachelor’s night has been a part of a tradition for years, but is there a line that you shouldn’t cross?

It’s a valid question to be asked. Are there any lines? If there are, where are they drawn? Is that kind of sensation too much and something that should be excommunicated from the community?

I don’t think so. Let’s look at the facts: bachelor’s night is a common thing in the western tradition. It’s immediately implied after receiving the wedding invitation (note: this doesn’t apply to all cultures and especially not for religions. We’re taking only western tradition and culture into consideration). So, getting that out of the way, we’re left with the question: how and where to do it?

There’s no moral high ground when it comes to bachelor nights, but everything you do on that night can be forgotten and never talked about, even if it’s the worst of things. So, why is one thing moral, and the other isn’t? The answer is simple: it’s not.

If you desire to have a bachelor’s night, then it doesn’t matter what you do. Whether it’s a couple of strippers that were paid to knock on the door of the apartment the guys booked for all of you or going to a gentlemen’s club, the idea is the same, and it’s the thought that counts. The acts can be predicted.

This question is not to be raised if you’re offended easily. Many people who aren’t familiar with western culture don’t even know what bachelor’s nights are and would think of the concept as ‘rude and disrespectful.’ It’s not a worldwide thing, but rather a very local one. Though it can be seen in different countries that are not from the west (like Australia), it’s a concept that most cultures don’t approve of.

Basically, what happens that night will be forgotten and never spoken of. So, realistically, you can do whatever you want. If you like to have a lot of good time and to grant every one of your buddies’ wishes, a gentleman’s club is a perfect place for your bachelor’s night. They even have buck’s night programs in some of the clubs (like come gentlemen’s clubs in Melbourne). Just be careful not to become a bachelor again once it’s done.