Posed or Lifestyle Newborn Photography: Which is Best?

It is important to distinguish between these styles before you decide which style of newborn photography suits your needs.

Traditional newborn photography is called posed. Lifestyle newborn photography is, however, a type of photography where the baby is photographed in their home or at another important location. It is not done in a studio. Lifestyle photography is where the baby is photographed in natural settings.

A lifestyle photographer for newborns doesn’t go with the family for 24 hours. Instead, the photographer will usually instruct parents to hold the baby and interact with it in a specific spot and in a particular way.

Defining Your Own Style


There are many styles of newborn photography. While one style might suit you the best, another photographer may prefer another. It is important to decide on your style and how you want to photograph newborns. You must also balance your style with the needs of your clients.

Take a look at your current photos. You can also look at images from other genres if you’re just starting out in newborn photography. Do you prefer your images to be more structured or more relaxed? Are you more comfortable shooting with studio lights or natural light? Are you more comfortable with a documentary or traditional style?

Photographers don’t have to photograph lifestyle sessions or posed shots. There is no rule. Some photographers do both. Photographers who photograph both styles tend to have the same style. Perhaps they are more relaxed, or perhaps they use natural light in each.

A few photographers offer a package that includes a studio and lifestyle. Some photographers will offer only one type of session, while others may bring along a beanbag to allow for poses.

You should ensure that both styles are used and clients are satisfied.

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