Our Favorite Art Trends To Vamp Up Your Home!


The year 2020 had a lot more people spending time indoors. And what’s a better opportunity for home redecoration than having a little extra time on your hands?

But with blank walls and a creative mind, it’s hard to settle on one thing for your home decor. That’s where you can turn to the latest art trends for inspiration.

Look no further than this ultimate list of home decoration ideas to vamp up your home and impress your future guests. Let’s dive in!

Bendy Candles

Maybe you or your teen have seen the candle bending trend on Tik Tok. It’s a fun craft to try with friends or family, and it yields some pretty stylish results.

These candles will look straight out of Anthropologie and add some unique spice to your home.

Cohesive Art

Home art is definitely something that creates an ambiance to your house. A painting or art piece adds life to any room, from basement to attic.

But what art do you choose? You can have many different art pieces so long as they look good together.

And hey, you can even support small artists and find some hidden gems. For ideas, you can start browsing here.

Statement Walls

Statement walls are something that everyone always mentions, but that’s because they never go out of style. It’s also because statement walls are easy to make, with one different color or with some wallpaper.

Cottage Aesthetic

Another big trend this year was the “cottagecore” aesthetic. It’s based upon the idea of a cottage lifestyle: wildflowers, cream-colored dresses, and down-to-earth fashion encompass “cottagecore.”

Neutral and earthy tones like tan, olive, and forest green are the colors to use for this aesthetic. Small and simple flowers will level up this concept for your home.

Feeling Cozy

With 2020 being the year of staying in, why not have your home look match that energy? A comfy concept to your home with warm and simple colors and tons of cushy furniture is the way to accomplish this.

Invest in some soft throw pillows and wood frames to accentuate the style.

Something You

Finally, no matter what the art trends are, make sure that you add your own personal touch to everything you choose. Pick art that speaks to you, and choose colors that make you happy.

Making everything your own is what makes your home decor perfect.

Use Art Trends to Spice Up Your Home

And there you have it: the ultimate list of ways to apply art trends to your home decorations. These ideas can be as fancy or as simple as you want them to be and used to the maximum and minimum effect.

The most important detail is that what you choose to do is what you love and feel happy living in. So what are you waiting for?

Start your home redecoration journey and spice everything up today!

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