Online Poker & Its Basics

Poker is a card game with betting rounds, in which the winner is determined by the ranks of their five-card hand. There are dozens of variations on poker, from Texas Hold Em to 5 Card Draw. In all forms of poker, players must make bets before seeing any of their cards. On each round, one player is designated as “the dealer.”

How To Play?

This player shuffles the deck and deals out the cards face down starting with himself or herself, continuing clockwise around the table until every player has dealt two hole cards (cards that cannot be seen by other players). 

Cards are then dealt again until every player has received five total cards. A round of betting then occurs, starting to the dealer’s left and continuing clockwise around the table. When betting has finished, each player may choose to draw as many cards as he or she wishes from either the top of the deck or the top card on the discard pile (face up). 

The dealer then deals another round of cards, beginning with himself or herself and continuing clockwise around the table until every player again has five total cards. Another round of betting occurs if desired. This continues until players have exhausted their hands. A showdown occurs when there are no more cards left to draw or discard. All active players still in the game at this point reveal their two hole cards, and the player with the best five-card hand wins.

What Is An Example Of A Poker Hand?

An example of a standard five-card poker hand is four hearts, with the fifth card being any other card that does not match one of the four hearts. Another example would be five cards all of the same suit (five spades, for instance). The highest-ranking hand wins in most forms of poker. There are also variations on standard poker hands; 

There are two main ways to win at poker online, which are either by having a better hand than your opponents or bluffing them into folding their hands. Bluffing is betting with nothing so you think your opponent will fold their hand.  This has been proven to work if you have a good poker face and have the nerve to bluff. If your opponents don’t fold their hands they will win, so training yourself on how to read people is key to improving your poker skills


Poker is an individual game. That’s right, even in poker online where there are thousands of players at the table you can still be playing against just one player with no influence from anybody else. Each hand is its battle and the only person to blame for your losses (or wins) is yourself. It doesn’t matter who does or doesn’t act behind you because by the time they act their folded hands won’t affect yours anymore. If you make any mistakes it will always come back to haunt you.