Most-Favourite Natural Tourism Places in Solo

Though Solo is a developed city, it turns out that there are still natural places that may pamper local and foreign tourists to enjoy its natural beauty. Here are a few natural tourist attractions in Solo and its environment, which may be seen during the holiday season.

  1. Grojokan Sewu

Grojokan Sewu is the first choice of natural tourist attractions in the Solo area. Located in the tourist region of ​​Tawangmangu that’s famed for its beauty and cold air. Grojokan Sewu is another title for a waterfall in Solo. Even the waterfall splash’s roar could be heard quite clearly since this waterfall is in freefall from a height of approximately 81 meters.

When you arrive at this location, the mountain trees, and cold air will faithfully accompany your vacation. These plants are included in protected forest areas. You could even see a herd of tame monkeys within this woods. The craggy rocky cliffs around the Grojokan Sewu add to a very thick natural atmosphere. Additionally, the rocks on the water runway can be used to relax while enjoying the clear and cold running water.

There is also a pedestrian bridge that can be utilized to place organic photo hunting around the waterfall. From this bridge, you will find a very clear and enchanting waterfall.

  1. Jumog Waterfall

This waterfall also has an intriguing attractiveness. The tourists that come to Solo usually happily opt for this waterfall for a holiday location besides Grojokan Sewu. To achieve this tour from Solo, you need to opt for the Tawangmangu route. The space is very close, which is roughly 40 km from downtown Solo.

The coolness around the waterfall tourist attraction is felt. The natural coolness generally comes from water vapor, which splashes onto the rocks, then is blown off by the wind. Also, its location in the highlands is one of the reasons.

Many facilities may be appreciated in this nature tourism, including a kids’ play area and a swimming pool. With children’s rides, you can introduce the best thing about Jumog waterfall while inviting him to collect and play with his friends. Introducing nature right can improve children’s emotional intelligence because their fascination and admiration can make kids love their natural environment.

When you’re suited to invite him to play on the rides, you can take him into the pool in this region. Clearwater using a rather large pool can be used for swimming with family. It is fresh, but don’t stay too long, since the cold air can make you shiver with cold. When you are satisfied playing with water, you can make the most of this rest area to rest. There are also food stalls with no less exciting menus prepared to fill your tummy.

  1. Girimanik Waterfall

This time we’ll discuss the Girimanik waterfall. This waterfall has an area that is still dominated by green plants and stones. Solo’s organic tourist spot has a gorgeous natural atmosphere that make tourists feel the cool and refreshing air. There are three waterfalls that can be appreciated by people. The current palaces are Manik Moyo waterfall, Condromoyo waterfall, and Tinjo Moyo waterfall. Manik Moyo Waterfall is the maximum waterfall amongst others. The height of the waterfall reaches 70 meters. When viewed from a distance, this waterfall looks like a multilevel. The water crossing the stones looks attractive.

For those of you who enjoy photo searching, this pure tourist attraction in Solo could be a perfect place to enhance your regular photograph collection. Besides, the entry fee is just around IDR 5,000. The cost is low compared to the pure beauty you get. This waterfall is near as with other waterfalls, which is crowded during the vacation season and weekends. Many visitors are employees and students who wish to get fresh air after struggling with their busy daily activities.

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