Making The Choice Between Mood Board and Concept Board

Mood boards and idea boards are types of visual presentations that may be made physically or digitally. Many sorts of things, such pictures, texts, fonts, colours, and textures, may be found on these boards. They are used in fields associated with design, such as architecture, interior design, and fashion design, where they serve as a means of conveying aesthetic ideas. Both mood boards and idea boards need the same steps to complete, including confirming the concept, researching styles, collecting photos, and evaluating the board. This may lead individuals to incorrectly use the terms interchangeably. They have certain similarities, but they are not identical. The following exchanges will show how these variances may be seen. Here is a discussion on mood board vs concept board.

A “Mood Board” is a visual representation of an individual’s emotional state.

A “mood board” is a collection of images, text, and artefacts meant to inspire an emotional response to a topic. It’s a visual depiction of one’s feelings regarding a subject in general or in detail. This kind of presentation allows for individual expression while also facilitating group effort.

In what sense do we talk about a “Concept Board”?

Presentation boards, also known as concept boards, are used as a source of inspiration or jumping off point for a certain creative process. It’s a collage of visual elements (photos, text, etc.) that may be used to explore different approaches to aesthetics. It may be a useful tool for designers, since it can be used to communicate ideas and show where a project is headed. In the realm of interior design, for instance, professionals may often utilise concept boards to graphically display many ideas and concepts for a given project. The presentation might be visual or spoken, and it could function similarly to advertisements in that it highlights the benefits and qualities of the product being promoted.

How Are Mood Boards Different from Concept Boards?

A mood board is a visual presentation that aims to convey how one feels about a certain topic or theme. This kind of presentation allows for individual expression while also facilitating group effort. When it comes to starting a creative process, though, nothing beats an idea board for providing that first spark of inspiration.

In the realm of digital design, mood boards are frequently referred to as “visual territory boards” since they help to set the course the rest of the project will follow. You could also come across the term “presentation boards” while discussing brainstorming boards.

Visible Characteristics

Traditional mood boards are often made out of foam, which may be carved and painted (Wyatt, 2020). Nevertheless, there is less of a consensus on what kind of material should be used for actual “concept boards.” Instead, images and text are often shown on large boards like A3 cardboards (Moretti, 2017) for everyone to see.


While “concept board” is absent from most dictionaries, the phrase “mood board” is widely used and widely defined. It is used by designers to help them decide which colours and materials would work best together by displaying miniature versions of the final product on the board and letting the viewer choose their favourites. Yet, “concept board” is a phrase without a precise meaning.