Key things to note when you are choosing gloves for mountaineering

While mountaineering, gloves are the life savour to protect us from the chilly wind. So, we decided to share some amazing tips you can count on when you are looking for something to keep your fingers warm and comfortable. If you are looking for ski gloves, snow gloves, or just simple pairs of winter gloves, these tips are going to help you to prevent your fingers from getting numb. Let’s start!

  • Insulation

You must have felt a biting or painful sensation when you go out in the winter season. We end up stuffing our hands in pockets to get some warmth. Thus you need gloves that are made of insulated fabric like fleece or synthetic. The best place to find them is from Outdoor Equipped.

  • Waterproof nature

If we want our hands to be warm, they must remain dry. The damp hands can quickly become numb. Hence, it is required that if you are doing any water sport, your gloves must be waterproof.

  • Windproof

As the temperature drops, the cold winds try to give us a chill. To protect our fingers from such wind, it is needed to protect and for this, your gloves have to be windproof.

  • Agility

Agility means that your gloves should be able to give your fingers movement to unzip your jacket or use car keys or typing a quick text. Therefore, the gloves must be tactile, fitted, breathable, and give you protection.

  • Touchscreen-friendly

Many times it is very difficult to use your phone while wearing your gloves. While mountaineering or walking on the street on cold days, we have to answer some messages or reply to emails. At this point, we want to do this without taking our gloves off. Gloves at Outdoor Equipped will meet your expectations.

  • Right size and fit

If the gloves are too big, they will not keep your hands warm as you want and if they are small, your hand movement will restrict. So, whenever you go for buying gloves, check there is a quarter of an inch space between the fingers.

Now, you must have been cleared with these simple tips that you must follow to keep your hands warm in winters or when you are going for doing some outdoor activities.