How to get your friends to help you plan your wedding

If you’ve ever planned a wedding before, you probably already know that help from friends and family members can help you plan your big day. Their contribution may even be able to save you lots of money and get tasks done in a short time.

Through your friends’ contribution, your stress can be eased and help make your wedding dreams come true. Utilize the talents of your friends instead of hiring a professional wedding planner who will take half of your money. A friend can help bake your wedding cake, play music during the ceremony, provide you with a tent they used for their wedding and the sorts.

To get your friends to help plan your wedding, there are a couple of things you need to do and it does not take much. A good way to start is to:

  • Find out what talents they have

We all have that one friend who is good at something. Maybe they have excellent organizational skills that could benefit you. They can help with sitting arrangements for your guests and organize the reception and venue in general. Knowing who is good at what will help you plan the next step

  • Ask for their expertise(politely)

Sometimes all it takes to get your friends on board is just asking them. Send them a text message via WhatsApp or on Facebook informing them about your upcoming wedding. Then tell them how you’d like them to be a part of your guest list and all. If they’re your friends they’ll be extremely happy and excited. From then on you can express how much you need their help in whatever capacity to help plan your wedding. A good example could be if you said” hey, I know you’re good at baking cakes. Are you comfortable helping me with mine?” Ask and see what they have to say.

  • Don’t force them

It’s one thing asking your friends if they want to help and expecting them to. Do not force anyone to help plan your wedding for whatever reason. Phrase your sentences correctly that they are comfortable. Express something like, “could you come with me to buy wedding rings on Tuesday? Asking them in such a way allows them to evaluate if they’ll be available and won’t feel forced or pressured to help.

  • Offer to pay for their services

You should never assume that people are always free. Be willing to pay them for the services they’ll be offering. Even if they don’t ask for payment reward them with something to say thank you. They will feel appreciated for the quality work they have offered especially if it was to the standards you expected. Avoid hiring friends who won’t give you quality services.

  • Ask them indirectly

Most people like being asked for advice and yet sometimes the advice given is invaluable even when you don’t want to accept that it is. Share with your friends what’s on your wedding checklist with items such as buying wedding rings, contacting service providers, venue, and reception, and ask for their opinion. Maybe if they know how much it would cost to hire the services or make purchases. This conversation will create a natural and easy way for them to say, “I can help with this.” In case they say nothing, it’s best to assume they are unable to help.

  • Flatter them 

The common saying that flattery can get you somewhere is true. When asking friends to help with a few tasks, flatter them by implying that they have something you don’t. It could be about something tangible item, a skill, intelligence, knowledge, or experience. Try saying something like,” Hey George, has anyone ever told you about how incredible you sound when you sing?” They will feel complimented and admired. From then on you can ask for help.

  • Invite them to buy wedding rings with you

Offer to buy wedding rings together with your friends. They will love the fact that you’re including them in the things that matter to you the most. This will open even bigger doors for them to participate in other tasks. They might even offer to help without you needing to ask them because they feel appreciated and a part of you. People only buy wedding rings with the people they care about the most. Get started on the wedding rings Dublin website – you’ll find stunning affordable rings for the big day. 

  • Spread the word over social media

Not everyone knows how to ask their friends for help. If this is you then simply create a post asking for people willing to help plan your wedding. The surprising thing is that it’s mostly your friends who will offer to help and one sure way to find out is by putting the word out.

  • Start supporting them now

In life, you give what you get. Friends will be willing to help only if you helped them in the past. So if an opportunity presents itself to help out, be their first. If it’s a birthday, help them plan it and shop for whatever they need. That way when your big day comes you won’t need to ask, they’ll naturally feel compelled to help.

  • Ask them how they’d like to participate

Casually ask them how they’d want to be part of the wedding. You’d be surprised by the level of help some friends are willing to offer. One may even be willing to contribute help in form of money, items, and expertise. Asking how each friend would like to participate ensures that nobody’s feelings are hurt and they can do only what they want.


The thought of getting your friends to help you plan your wedding is a possible one. You can expect all kinds of responses and even some uncomfortable situations. You will never know what to expect if you don’t ask. Friends will help reduce the stress you would have otherwise gone through should you have planned the entire wedding alone. So, get out there, reach out and ask your friends for help, it’s worth the try.