How Did Egirl Gaming Become So Popular?

Egirls are girls we usually see online who look very similar to an emo except are more colorful and have a bit more of a cheery attitude. They wear tons of makeup and dye their hair different colors. We also see them as online entertainers and could find them on almost every corner of the internet. GANK is one of such places. Egirls started appearing all the way back in the 2010’s era. They post different types of contents all over the internet. Gaming is one of the most common types of content Egirls love to make. But why did Egirl Gaming become so popular? Why did it become so big?


There may be negative things said about Egirl gaming throughout the years but it has made big contributions to the gaming world. They’ve helped add a bit of variety to gamers. They’re one of the more cheery bunch of gamers and often seen as cute. Back then it was just an average Joe screaming or getting scared by games. We see Egirls doing the same and different contents as well, playing casual and hardcore competitive games. Despite all the negativities and harassments Egirls face, most of them continue doing what they love and simply ignore the hate. They are determined to deliver content because they’ve got fans waiting for them and this determined attitude of theirs helped them strive in the gaming industry.

Helped Inspire Gamers

We’ve all had our own reasons and inspirations for starting video games. Many because of curiosity when we were kids. Some because of their parents who bought them a Nintendo Entertainment System or even a Gameboy. Most people today start gaming because of the videos they watch today. PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, and DanTDM are just some of the most famous YouTubers back in what was considered to be the Golden Era of YouTube. They helped inspire many young ones to start chasing their passion as gamers. Today, many new gamers are continuing the cycle of inspiration.

Egirls also help contribute to the gaming world. They’ve also helped inspire other people who aren’t into video games to start their very own gaming journey. They’re also some of the people who encourage other people to start streaming and make gaming a career. The bigger the channel, the bigger and the more influence they have on other people. It sometimes makes you want to become big yourself just so you could one day meet the content creator that you idolize so much.

You Could Hire Them to Play With You

There are many types of gamers you could meet online and Egirls are no exceptions. They may even be one of the most common types of gamers out there. You can find them on different social media Platforms and Gaming Marketplaces with GANK being the perfect example. You can find a bunch of them here and you’re free to choose who you want to hire as the perfect gaming companion for you. You could look for the hardcore gaming Egirl to play more competitive games with or even the casual gaming Egirl to relax and have a good time with. Egirls have helped people feel like they’re playing with a real friend and make them feel a lot less lonely.

If you’re an Egirl yourself, feel free to start an account and without a doubt you’ll have gamers hiring you to play with them, especially if you already have a large fanbase. Not only would you be earning money for playing someone, you’d also be helping someone beat their boredom or even someone who’s going through tough times.