How can You Grow Vegetable in Your Condo?

You might not feel the condo lifestyle perfect for your gardening hobby. However, if you think through it, you get an advantage. Condo gardening takes away all the hassle that you have to put forth when you have a lawn, which cleaning the weeds and maintains the garden bed of your lawn.

If you got the skill and are passionate about gardening, you can easily grow vegetables in a condo (ปลูก ผัก ใน คอน โด, which is the term in Thai). Condominium gardening got its perk and also is of lot fun, as you get to be creative to use your rooftops, balcony, or indoor area of your condo for growing vegetables. So, to help you out on your gardening venture, here is our guide to help you grow vegetables in a condo.

Ideas For Condo Gardening

Container Planting

Using containers is a good option and are perfect for growing vegetables in a condo. Since you do not get a lawn, you need to think your way through when buying containers for growing plants. The Containers comes in different shape and sizes that way; you can be creative and use the space you got effectively.

Moreover, different herbs and vegetables fit different containers. So, be ready for homework before buying containers.  Here are the Container options you get for yourself.

  • Wooden Planters
  • Plastics Planters
  • Terracotta And Ceramic

Grow Herbs in Tin Can

It is always a good idea to recycle items when gardening. Condo gardening gives you a lot of options for recycling. For instance, you can try the old tin cans, and biscuit tins to grow herbs and micro herbs. The herbs need less space to grow, and the tin cans are perfect for them.

Make use Of Veggie Patch

You can create Veggie Patch to grow vegetables in a condo. The Veggie patch helps you to use the cramped space, as you can use your imagination and create a mini movable veggie patch, which allows you to chase the sunlight. One thing you will like when using Veggie patch is it does not require you to dig a hole or make a garden bed grow vegetables in a condo.

Make Use of Glass Jars

Using Glass Jars allow you to grow the plant indoors. Moreover, if you got a decorative eye, you can use them to increase the beauty of your condo.  You can use different shapes and size of jars to grow the carrots, spring onions, and radish, as the root plant do not need much sunlight, so they are perfect for growing inside your condo.