Here Comes The Season Of Skirts

Summer calls for flowy, loose and in style clothes! And of all available summer wear, skirts are really in demand, with their various styles, designs and different lengths. The best part about a skirt is that it’s the most versatile clothing you can wear for any formal or informal occasion.

Let’s talk about all the skirts that can never go out of style.

Tennis Skirts

Who doesn’t love a good pleated tennis skirt? It’s short, cute, sexy, and has a crisp look when paired with a polo shirt. With its versatility and effortless charm, the silhouette will serve you well in any situation.

You can wear this white tennis skirt on the court or on the streets, regardless of whether you are getting ready for a match or not.

Long Skirts

There was a time when long skirts seemed boring and flat, probably the last choice, but now it’s all changed. There are some good and sexy skirts out there that you’d not want to miss. A midi skirt with a slit or a high waisted wrap skirt can be the perfect beachwear. You can even live upto your kdrama style with this skirt.

Mini Skirts

These hold a close place in everybody’s heart. It became popular in the ’60s and ’70s as a playful and rebellious garment that represented a change in societal dynamics. Girls run the world and mini skirts can break hearts! One can never go wrong with a well fitted mini leather skirt giving us all the model vibes that we admire all the Kendall Jenners and Bella Hadids of the world for!

Pencil Skirt

Tight to your body and slim at your calves, these have their own set of fans. They are a signature look in the corporate world and a great piece to pick up while going to college. Pencil skirts are now getting sexier with changes like where and how you wear them. The Kardashians are among the ones making some fabulous fashion statements. Kim for instance, wore a tube with a pencil skirt, creating a striking monochromatic look. You can also pair pencil skirts with turtle neck tops adding a hint of chic to the look.

Satin/Silk Skirts

Just like sweatpants and joggers are the best loungewear, a good satin skirt can give you the same comfort! You can always throw on a satin or silk skirt with a knitted sweater or a warm turtle neck making them a good choice for your winter outfit. You can also pull it off with a sweatshirt or a hoodie.  

The options don’t stop here; there are many more skirts available in the market which you can style according to your Pinterest mood board.

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