Dealing with a Toothache in North Central Phoenix: When to Visit Your Dentist

Tooth pain can ruin your day. If you are dealing with this pain, you can only focus on the discomfort. Also, tooth pain should not be ignored as it can be an indication of a serious oral health issue. When not treated promptly, this issue can lead to complications that require more extensive treatment from a dentist in North Central Phoenix. Keep reading to learn more about toothaches and when you must visit a dentist. 

What to Know About Toothaches

No matter the cause of your toothache, this general pain can be felt in or around your tooth. Some factors can contribute to its occurrence. Although minor toothaches can be treated with remedies at home others are quite serious and require professional attention. 

It is important to know when to see a dentist for a toothache. When not dealt with right away, a severe toothache can necessitate an extraction. A dentist wants to preserve each of your teeth as much as possible, so it is important to see them as soon as possible whenever you have dental issues. 

Symptoms and Causes of Toothaches

The pain associated with a toothache is quite distracting and makes it hard to eat or drink. It can occur due to different reasons, so your dentist must examine your mouth to know its specific cause. A toothache can be due to an abscessed tooth, a fractured tooth, tooth decay, excessive clenching or grinding, a damaged filling, food accumulation between teeth, or gum infection. Usually, these causes will lead to constant, sharp, and throbbing tooth pain. In some instances, pain only happens when your tooth is subjected to some pressure. Also, a toothache can be accompanied by swelling. 

The majority of symptoms of a toothache will disappear with simple remedies. But you should call your dentist if you are dealing with prolonged tooth pain or symptoms of a tooth infection. You need to visit your dentist if your toothache lasts longer than a day or two, it is accompanied by an earache or a fever, it is serious, or it leads to pain whenever you widely open your mouth. 

How to Treat Toothaches

Before your dentist chooses a treatment for your toothache, they will examine your mouth first. Also, they will review your dental and medical history to get the whole picture.  To address your toothache, your dentist may recommend a root canal procedure, prescribe antibiotics, or remove the affected tooth. You can expect your dentist to do everything to relieve your pain and save the affected tooth. For minor toothaches, your dentist may recommend rinsing with warm salt water, taking pain medications when necessary, or dislodging trapped food particles with floss.