Benefits of different yoga asanas for beginners.

Yoga has lately grown in popularity and importance to lead a healthy and productive lifestyle. People worldwide have begun to recognise the benefits of yoga, and many have already made it a permanent part of their lives. Yoga asanas or positions are accessible in various styles, ranging from beginner to advanced. If you are new to yoga, the most realistic alternative for you is, to begin with, easy Yoga aasan for beginners. And that is precisely what this essay will do for you. Though some of the fundamental yoga positions for beginners might be challenging at first, you will become more comfortable with practice. While there are hundreds of asanas to choose from, here are our top eight recommendations for beginners:

  • Trikonasana — The Triangle Pose, also known as Trikonasana, is one of the most basic yoga asanas. Place your feet apart and stand tall (distance between feet to be more than shoulder-width gap). Then, while maintaining your leg close to your chest, move your right foot out at a 90-degree angle. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and apply equal pressure to both feet. Inhale deeply and, as you exhale, bend your right arm and place your right hand on the ground while your left-hand rises into the air. Make sure your body is twisted sideways rather than backward or forward. While in this position, continue to take deep breaths. Carry out the same steps on the other side. It aids in the reduction of extra body weight, the strengthening of legs and arms, and the improvement of digestion.
  • The Boat Pose or Naukasana—In this yoga aasan, lie down on your back on a mat (a flat, firm surface) with your feet together and hands to the side. Then, as you exhale, take a deep breath and gently lift your chest and feet off the ground. Stretch your arms even further in the direction of your feet. Hold this position until you feel a slight tenseness in your abdominal area or around your navel, as the muscles in those areas begin to tighten. Exhale and relax as you return to the earth. This asana strengthens your upper back and shoulders while tightening your abdominal muscles.
  • Vrikshasana — Often known as the Tree Pose, is a yoga posture. Your right foot should be on your thigh. Your foot’s sole should be flat and sturdy. Make sure your left leg is straight and solid as you strive to find balance. Inhale now and gently combine your palms as you lift your arms above your head. Take deep breaths while keeping your spine straight. Then exhale and slowly lower your hands. Bring your right foot to the ground as well. Carry out the same steps on the other side. When performed frequently for an extended period, Vrikshasana strengthens your back and legs while improving your balance.

Apart from these asanas, there are some more actions that you can easily practise as a beginner. You can try Savasana, Chakrasana, Balasana, Sukhasana and even Bhujangasana. Try most of this yoga aasanto attain better health and well-being.