Bed Linens That Are Perfect For Gifting in 2021

When it comes to gifts for our loved ones, we are always confused between getting something truly unique or sticking to the age-old options of flowers, chocolates, or probably a gift card. But if you’re looking for the perfect gifting option for your favorite couple getting married or a kid or even a couple celebrating their 25th anniversary, let us tell you, nothing works like the magic of some bed linen. 

Bed linens include bedsheets, blanket covers, comforters, quilts, or even the Indian Rajai. These are a great gift because, besides being functional, they also help make the room look aesthetic and neat. Who doesn’t love a fresh, crisp, and clean luxury bed complete with matching shams, bed sheets, and cotton duvets?

You know you’re adulting right when the thought of a good bed gives you satisfaction and eases your nerves. Hence, next time you have to gift something to your near and dear, think bedding. Here are some options that you can give within bed linens. 


Linen sheets are one of the best gifting options. They are super durable and very useful. The couple you give it to will remember you every time they spread it on their double bed. Make sure you check factors like thread count, fabric, the mattress’s size, and the weaving technique.

If you’re looking for good quality bed sheet sets, then make sure to check out Portico India. Their cotton sheets are durable, soft, and come in a range of colors and prints.

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A duvet or a comforter is a covering made for cool or cold nights. What covers this duvet is called a duvet cover. You’ll find goose feathers or down feathers as filling in colder regions, but you can also opt for cotton filling. This makes it easy to maintain too.

You can easily wash them in the machine. Duvets are comfortable to sleep with and keeps you warm and cozy. You can also check out Portico’s wide range of comforters and duvet covers. They are very durable and can last upto five to ten years. 

Indian Razai

While we may love the warmth of an electric blanket or a down comforter, the charm of a Jaipuri block printed cotton quilt can’t be compared. The traditional Indian blanket has a nostalgic vibe and is known for the dainty prints and ethnic quilting techniques. 

The razai or Rajai too becomes one of the best wedding gifts or an anniversary gift. 

Blanket Cover

Blanket covers or coverlets are used to cover your bed or over the blanket. The weight of a blanket cover as compared to woolen or thick blankets is very thin and less. Their main purpose is to decorate your bed and make it look aesthetic. 

However, according to the weather, many people also use it as a thin blanket or duvet during the hot nights of summer. You should check out Porticos blanket covers or coverlets. From a range of Indian block prints to dainty florals, you’ll find everything you need here. 

AC Quilts 

Ac Quilts are those covers that provide the optimum warmth even when the air conditioner is running. So if you’re a person who likes to have the cool ac airbrushing on your face but yet want your hands and feet tucked in the warm space, then ac quilts are for you. 

They have a super soft polyfill that makes sure you feel warm while in an a/c room and cool when not. They can be made from 100% cotton with a super-soft fiberfill or textured microfabric. Look out for the printed ac quilt collection by Portico India. 

The wedding season is almost here, and so is the time to buy gifts for your loved ones. Now that you know what to buy, you can easily visit Portico’s website and pick your favorite.