Are Lily Flowers Expensive? Why?

Lily was the original plant from Asia. Things that are famous about lilies are their beauty and smell. Lily could stay for more than three years since the soil’s acidity is balanced. We know lily as a decorative plant. When they bloom, we could cut them and make them something. It can be the ordinary lily bouquet or the special one for a necessary event.

Lily is not too famous in Singapore, but it does not mean the citizen doesn’t know the existence of lily. There are no special garden-like tulips, but they are still useful. We use it as a cut flower for a bouquet. Lily bouquet Singapore is not that hard to find. Every florist at least sells it. They can settle for around two weeks.

The Process To Grow Lily

The first step is to pick the bulb of the lily. The seed does not plant a lily. It’s a bulb. Pick the bulb that has been open by the outermost lining. You need a hole as deep as 15cm to bury the bulb. Put the fertilizer first, then the bulb. It would help the fertility of the lily and close it with soil. To protect root weather and snails, give a healthy mulch to protect it from the snail.

When the roots grow, the fertilizing should be starting. Give it routinely for a month. It would take a lot of fertilizer to be a good lily. Sprinkling should be done regularly, but honestly, this plant does not need much water.

If it succeeds in growing lilies until they bloom, the next step is pruning. The bloom lily needs to be cut until one-third of its stem. It is good to grow the next lily. The stem will produce blooming flowers again. The activity of pruning after the lily blooming still should be done.

Lily called an extrovert plant. They could adapt everywhere they lived. It is not only the place that matters. Lily also can be good for every plant around. It would not be poison or poisoned to each other.

Calla Lily

Calla Lily is a lily family, but calla lily has no petals like lilies in general looks. The stem grows up and opens wide up. It becomes like a funnel from the stem to be one petal, but actually, it is not a petal. The care of calla lily sounds not pretty easy. But the elegance makes it worth planting. The most common type is white called lily, but so does it have another like yellow, red, purple, orange, etc.

The calla lily needs to be watering every day since you planted it. When it blooms, only need water once a while to make sure the soil gets enough dampness. Place calla lily into the shady one. Despite the season getting dry, watering intensity needs to be improved. Calla lily also needs to be fertilizing. It is for once in ten days. The routine of fertilizing is definitely to produce lots of good quality flowers.

Lily of the Valley

This species will only grow in May in a four-season country. The shape looks like bells in white. Lily of the Valley is so-called May Bells, Our Lady’s Tears, and Mary’s Tears. May bells usually used to be a bouquet of a kingdom wedding. Few princesses in Europe use lily of the valley on their wedding day.

The smell of lily of the valley is good for reducing stress, no wonder the essential oil of lily of the valley is often used in some therapy practice. Usually, therapy is about to reduce anxiety and depression. Other than that, the advantage of lily of the valley is similar to eucalyptus oil. It could alleviate the pain and inflammation.

Oriental Lily

Oriental lily is the so-called stargazer. This variety is more fragrant than others. They are unlike the perennial other. They have the scale, which makes planting a meticulous process. When you want to plant them, it is better to buy the bulbs and do the plant immediately. It is the best condition of the lilies bulb.

Let the oriental lily moist. You need to water it every morning but keep out the petals. Like an ordinary lily, oriental lily should also be cut after the bloom. They got to produce new flowers. The difference is oriental lily is not as easy as another lily to grow up. For most of part, it would grow only from June to August.

Is it expensive? 

Those are three of many various from lily flowers. That three lilies are the most expensive flowers on this planet as a cut flower. Lily gets more costly than other flowers as a cut flower cause they are something important. It sounds easy to plant lily, but not every florist has a garden, especially those three kinds of lily. The easier the rose, that’s why the florists have many kinds of roses bouquet than the lily.

Lily is planted in another place. It takes time to grow them. They are perennial, but the three varieties above have their specific time to grow. Each lily needs its special care to keep growing and having the best quality. After they grew, florists ordered them. The florists will receive it for more than a couple of days because the lilies are sent from far miles away. Yet, the lily quality will show how strong it went to survive. Not only to survive until they come to the florist, but also to the florist’s buyer.

Not only as a cut flower lily is expensive, but we can also prove its advantage. Lily bouquet singapore is expensive, and so does any product which uses lilies as main contain. There are so many cosmetics and medications made of lily flowers. Furthermore, the good smell of lily entices many people in business to produce it as perfume. As lilies are a symbol of healing, people also use lilies in get well soon hampers. Those long elucidations above could answer the question of why lily flowers are expensive.