The French bulldog has seen a rise in its popularity in the United States and the United Kingdom because of several reasons like their handy size, easy grooming, and their adorable and their charming personality. To achieve a perfect breed most of the breeders have ignored all the possible health threats which can permanently plague the breed like chronic eye diseases, skin problems, digestive issues, and respiratory disorders.

During the cross-breeding process, sometimes the dogs get overheated and need surgery which involves opening their nostrils to soften the soft palate. Almost half of the living Frenchie populations have respiratory problems that are serious and may even lead to death. When one compares the brachycephalic of today with the decade-old photos it gets pretty evident that they have got shorter and because of the trend, many of the characteristics are changing.

 These bulldogs die at a very young age because of certain health issues and one such example lead to the start of a movement in which it was presented before the judges. In the United States, no similar push can be started overnight and a physical test is being developed by Tufts University to evaluate the tight nostrils of the dog. Breeders need to make conscious choices to tackle this issue and have to select the dogs that can breathe well.

Maybe choosing a non-flat-faced breed for a crossbreed with the Frenchie dog may produce a breed that does not have breathing problems and the new breed may have a better nose and tail. The breed was intentionally designed in a way that would appeal to humans but a lot of compromises were made on their health. This is seen because these dogs undergo an unnatural process of c-section as they cannot reproduce naturally because of their size and surgery becomes a very common phenomenon in their lives.

One should naturally focus on adopting the existing breeds rather than going for a good-looking breed that has a variety of health issues. The owner’s by buying this breed are indirectly contributing to adding to the dog’s anguish and also to this cruel market where only the physical features are paid attention to compromising with the life of an animal. Also, one is neglecting the opportunity of going and adopting a naturally existing breed that may have more advantages than just being physically pleasing. In this way, humans have given so much love that they are leading to the death of French bulldogs.