6 Makeup Room Ideas That’ll Make You Feel Like a Beauty Guru

Do you love watching beauty gurus on YouTube? There’s something so relaxing about watching someone else do their makeup, and you get all kinds of cool ideas for your own beauty routine.

One of the best parts of the videos, though, is seeing the awesome and luxurious makeup rooms that the influencers are working in. Wouldn’t you love a room like that for when you do your makeup every morning?

While you may not have a beauty guru budget, we have a list of makeup room ideas that will help you put your makeup space together piece by piece. We break it down so you know what to buy.

Keep reading to learn all about makeup room decor and organization so you can get your perfect makeup room.

  1. Organize the Right Way

Let’s face it: our makeup organization could be better, right? Once you start to accumulate products, they start to pile up at the bottoms of drawers. When was the last time you used that eyeshadow palette anyway?

Good organization choices don’t only look great; it’s great for also keeping track of your makeup so you know where everything is when you need it. Bonus: it helps you to determine when it’s time to let something go.

Makeup, like anything else, goes bad as time goes by. If you find that something has outstayed it’s “best by” date, or that you never use it, it’s only adding clutter to your space.

When it comes to organizing, we love using labeled drawer organizers, small shelves, and the great organization tools from For Her Vanity.

The first part of having a stylish space is having a tidy and organized space. We know it isn’t the most fun part, but don’t skip it!

  1. Make Sure Your Lighting Makes You Glow 

If you want to play a beauty guru in your makeup room, you need to have the right lighting setup. Remember, they’re using studio lighting in their videos, so you need to find something that matches up.

We suggest putting lights all around your mirror (like the mirrors that show up on television in movie star rooms). It will be bright, but it will also make sure that you get the best possible view of your makeup.

Alternatively, consider investing in a ring light. Ring lights were a gamechanger for everyone when beauty gurus popularized them. They make your skin look even, your makeup look bright, and your highlighter pop.

Never underestimate the power of strong lighting. Lighting makes the look.

  1. Display Your Favorite Pieces

What’s the point of buying makeup with beautiful packaging if you’re going to hide it away?

We mentioned the importance of a well-organized space before, but there are more ways to store your makeup.

Your basics should be tucked away. Things like plain brushes, eyeshadows in boring cases, lipsticks in the standard tubes, and other things that aren’t interesting to the eye go where you don’t have to see them all the time.

Other makeup, though, especially more high-end makeup, is meant to be shown off. This includes the fancy packaging.

We suggest putting shelves behind your sitting area for your favorite pieces so you can take a look at them whenever you’re doing your makeup. This is also a great place for vintage perfume bottles and any accessories.

For other items, especially ones that get a lot of use, clear out special spaces on your vanity for them. Remember, your makeup is decorative for your face and your space.

  1. Get the Perfect Mirrors

What good is a makeup room without a mirror?

You can’t ever see the mirrors in the rooms of your favorite beauty gurus (after all, with the way the videos are filmed, it feels as if you’re in the mirror yourself) but we have some suggestions.

As we mentioned before, a mirror with a lot of lights is a great choice for any glam makeup room. We also suggest a mirror that’s large enough that you can see a good amount of your background.

We love the look of large vintage vanities with ornate mirrors, but pick something that matches the rest of your space.

Do you have a secondary mirror? Magnified mirrors are great for makeup rooms, though they can be a bit hard to look at if you’re not used to them. Be prepared to take a good hard look at your pores, but also get the sharpest winged eyeliner of your life.

  1. Hang Simple Artwork

Your decorations don’t stop with your vanity table. Make sure that you keep some art around to liven up your makeup room.

You don’t want anything too complicated. Remember, you and your makeup are the main events here. Minimalist art that matches the color scheme of your makeup room is your best bet at having a cohesive space.

  1. Take Inspiration From Your Favs 

Which beauty gurus do you love to watch? Next time you’re watching their brand new videos, hit pause for a moment, and see what they have around them.

While some opt to have plain backgrounds, many leave their beautiful beauty rooms in the back for you to see. Others have videos all about their makeup rooms so you can take inspiration from them.

Are you a NikkieTutorials fan? What about James Charles, or Manny MUA? Maybe you love the sleek and elegant style that Tati Westbrook offers.

Take inspiration from your favorite gurus when you’re putting your makeup room together. Why pick one? Combine them to suit your needs.

Do You Love These Makeup Room Ideas?

Are you already planning out your future makeup room? With these makeup room ideas and suggestions, you’ll be powdering your face in style in no time.

Give your makeup a dedicated space with an awesome makeup room today.

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