5 Things to Look for on Your Next Trip to Korea

The sights and sounds of South Korea are definitely worth the visit, especially if you are a fan of the culture. Whether you’re studying this Asian culture or you’re simply an avid follower of K-pop trends, there are plenty of surprises waiting for you on your first trip. First-timers might have a lot of regrets when they go back home with less than the merchandise they were planning to buy, and with no more money to spend, however.

On your trip, these are the first things you should buy: 

Sheet Masks

Though you can easily buy sheet masks online and have them delivered to your doorstep even if you’re not in SK anymore, it’s still worth buying this item in bulk when you do go to the country that’s known for the best skincare products. Sheet masks won’t take much room in your luggage, making them the perfect gift for your family and friends. They’re also not that expensive, especially if you buy them in the right places. You may also find limited edition sheet masks promoted by your favorite stars, whose main market is Korean citizens and therefore only sell them in Korean stores.


SK is known for the trendy outfits you can wear depending on the season. South Korea enjoys cold winters, which means you get to layer your clothes and pretend like you’re also in a Korean drama walking the streets. However, cuteness is another aspect of the country that you can enjoy while you’re there. Feel free to browse stickers for your notepad, or even for your fingernails or for your hair. These stickers are also compact like sheet masks, making them perfect to bring home without paying for that extra luggage allocation in your flight. Stickers can also be gifts you buy in advance. If you can’t think of last-minute gifts for your younger relatives, simply take from your sticker stash.

K-beauty Makeup

Importation fees can add to the cost of your favorite makeup brands, which result in them being more expensive when you buy them from your local store. When you buy them straight from the source, there’s a chance that you can get them at a discount. You might also be able to score products that are not available back home. In fact, these are what you should prioritize if you have a limited budget, because they will no longer be available once you’re out of SK. Everything else that is popular enough to be imported to the outlet nearest you can be bought later when you have more money.

There are plenty of things you can do and experience on your trip to Korea. Go on and enjoy the touristy spots, taste the delectable cuisine, and have fun at your own pace. But don’t forget to take a bit of the experience with you and have enough to share with your friends back home. Next time, when they go on a trip themselves, maybe you’ll be the recipient of their gifts in return.