5 Things to consider When choosing Your Playground

It is said that a playful child is a healthy child. Access to playgrounds and playground equipment has provided numerous benefits to children as it boosts the amount of physical activity a kid gets, also improving their immune system. Here are 5 things to consider while starting your playground 

  • Usage: Children play differently at different ages, thus, knowing who the playground is intended for will help you decide what type of equipment to install. Thus, a playground designed for 5-7 years old will not be suitable for 10-12 years old children. Along with that, you should also know the number of children using the equipment at any time, whether it is meant for a group of school kids or a small number of kids. 
  • Types of equipment: You need to determine the types of playing equipment you want for your playground. There are various types of equipment such as slides, towers, bridges, spring rockers, climbers which fall in the category of activity equipment. Shade structures, bike locking racks, benches, and trash bins are site amenities.
  • Determining the amount of space required: Depending on the place where you are making your playground, its type can vary along with its requirements. Whether you have a lot of space for a community playground or a small space for a school playground, 6 feet of cushioned surfacing is required beyond the edge of the equipment for safety purposes.
  • Analysing and understanding your site: The location of your playground can influence many factors in the planning process. You may need to do some work on your playground based on its slope and soil quality, inadequate amount of tree can lead to a lack of shade and fresh air for the children. You should be careful not to harm the natural vegetation of the ground by cutting down trees and should keep in mind what’s beneath the ground also. Power line or gas lines going under your playground can eventually affect the safety issue of the site. It is advisable to check with the authorities for any knowledge of underground line system.  
  • Fundraising and maintenance: You may need to fundraise the money depending on your choice of location. Grants from local or state governments, large businesses and non-profit organisations can immensely help you built and maintain the state of the playground. 

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