5 Leading Sustainable Packaging Companies In The Us

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With people beginning to grasp the environmental impact of their actions and the substantial damage continually being caused to our planet because of the mass of plastic packages filling the ocean, many people have begun to source for eco friendly solutions to packaging needs. Today, many sustainable packaging companies use recyclable and biodegradable materials to make sustainable packages for product manufacturers and consumers.

There are many sustainable packaging companies in the US today at the forefront of eco-friendly solutions. Below are the five leading ones; let’s take a look.

HC Sustainable Fiber Solution

From way back in 1986, The HC companies have been the packaging industry leaders by producing plastic and fiber horticulture containers. They provide containers for the consumer markets and the greenhouse nursery in North America. Their products are incorporated with their responsibility to the environment. Packaging solutions produced by HC Sustainable Fiber Solution are made from 100% recycled materials and are packaged used eco-friendly bubble wraps. This sustainable packaging company has been in the industry for over three decades. It continues to provide eco-friendly solutions to companies and industries by supplying a sustainable fiber solution that improves the world.

Emmerson Packaging

Emmerson packaging believe in change and innovation being intertwined; this is why it uses top-notch technology to create sustainable packaging for their clients, which cut across labs, universities, suppliers, and many more. It has been operating for more than sixty years and has always been focused on their customer success. Their packaging products are made from fully recyclable and biodegradable material. They have a professional team to help clients find the right sustainable packaging option ideal for their products and market.


EcoEnclose is all about providing eco-friendly solutions for shipping supplies, and they do with the use of recycled materials, which are brought back to life as new packaging. They recognize that recycling gives meaning to materials that could have been wasting away in the environment. Their packaging is earth-friendly and completely meets the sustainable packaging solution.


WestRock is a leading US sustainable packaging company that is building a legacy in sustainable forestry. Their focus is connecting consumers to compostable, recyclable, and renewable products, and their packaging solutions are strong, sustainable, and efficient at all times. WestRock uses virgin and recyclable material as they believe a sustainable packaging approach lies in achieving a balance between the two.

Sustainable Packaging Industry

This is another sustainable packaging company that is focused on creating eco-friendly packages from recycled cardboard. They produce pulp packaging that can be used by industries for packaging needs. Their molded pulp packaging is made from various fibrous materials like paper, cardboard, or wheat straws. The end products of this combination are always smooth and provide a sophisticated look for your packaging needs.