4 Amazing Tips On How To Find A Writing Group 

Are you interested in joining a writing group however you aren’t sure where to start searching for one? Well, have no worries because this is definitely the right article for you. Writers often have different goals that they set for themselves each year. Some might want to join more free writing competitions while others could be desiring to get their first book published. Regardless of what your desires are, a writing group will go a long way to help you make these dreams a reality. Here are some tips on how you can find the perfect writing group: 

  • Ask around your neighbourhood 

By asking at your local library or community centre, you might be surprised to learn about how many clubs and organizations are operating in your local area. This is often the best place to start if you would like to be part of a local writing group. Bookstores and schools or colleges will also usually have a writing group that is open to the public. The best thing about joining a local writing group is that you will be able to connect with individuals who are somewhat familiar to you since you live in the same community. This makes it easier for you to form a connection and work together to achieve your writing goals. 

  • Go on a writing retreat 

Have you ever considered going on a writing retreat? This is an amazing way in which you can meet fellow writers and get to know about any writing groups that they are part of. Many writing retreats also slowly develop into writing groups when the attendees of the event decide to come together to form their own group. Thus, attending writing retreats and seminars places you at the epicentre of the writing world where you can easily find an excellent writing group of like-minded individuals. 

  • Sign up for writing contests 

Writing contests are a great way in which you can get your work out in the public eye and attract the attention of fellow writers and editors. Since free writing competitions usually target a specific genre of writing, they provide you with a unique platform to be able to connect with fellow writers who specialize in the same genre. This means that you will not only get to read their submissions and get inspired, but you will also have the opportunity to learn about the various writing groups that exist for writers in your specific genre. 

  • Use social media 

The power of social media has continued to grow exponentially as time progresses. If you are looking to join an international community of writers, then your solution might just be one click away. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter provide an incredible opportunity for writing enthusiasts to come together and form online writing groups. The best thing about joining an online writing group is that you will be able to connect with an international community of writers who will expose you to a wealth of different experiences and knowledge.