10 Ways to Stop Your Baby from Scratching

Do you have a baby that scratches a lot? Are you looking for a way to stop them from doing it? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will discuss 10 different ways that you can stop your baby from scratching. Some of these methods are simple and easy to do, while others may require a bit more effort. But no matter what, they will all help keep your baby from scratching themselves!

  1. Keep baby scratch mittens on your baby at all times. These mittens are designed to stay on your baby’s hands, even when they start to move around a lot and grab at things. You can buy baby scratch mittens at most baby stores or online.
  1. Consider using non-scratch baby toys and clothing that won’t irritate your baby’s skin. This can help prevent them from being tempted to scratch in the first place.
  1. Invest in baby-friendly ointments or creams that can keep their skin moisturized and healthy, reducing the likelihood of them scratching due to dryness.
  1. Talk to your paediatrician about any underlying health issues or conditions that could be causing your baby’s scratching habit, such as eczema or other skin conditions.
  1. Spend lots of time with your baby and engage them in fun, stimulating activities to help keep their mind occupied and minimize the urge to scratch.
  1. Keep baby’s nails trimmed short so they won’t be able to scratch as easily. This can be done yourself or by a professional at your baby’s next grooming appointment. It’s important to take care when doing this.
  1. Consider using gentle pressure when massaging baby, which can help release tension that could lead to scratching. This is a good way to bond with the baby as well.
  1. Try using calming essential oils, such as lavender or chamomile, on baby’s skin to reduce any itching sensations that may cause them to scratch.
  1. Take steps to minimize any environmental irritants that may be causing baby to scratch, such as dust or pet dander.
  1. If all else fails, speak with your baby’s paediatrician about the possibility of using baby-safe medications to help relieve any underlying itchiness that may be causing baby to scratch. With these simple tips and tricks, you will be able to stop your baby from scratching in no time!

While scratch mittens are a good way to keep baby from scratching, scratch sleeves can also be helpful. These sleeves fit over baby’s arms and hands, and have special fabric that helps to reduce the urge to scratch. They are also a good way to keep baby’s nails trimmed short.

Scratch sleeves are highly recommended by people who use them. They are a good way to keep baby’s arms and hands covered, and the special fabric helps to reduce the urge to scratch. If you are looking for a way to stop your baby from scratching, scratch sleeves may be a good option for you.

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