Why cartoons are actually good for your children

When it comes to cartoons, it seems every parent has a different opinion. Some parents think they’re good, some think they’re ok, and others think they should be avoided at all costs. This begs the question – are cartoons good for young children and toddlers? 

Despite what you may have heard, there are in fact quite a few positives that your children can experience from watching cartoons. This, of course, comes with the consideration that they are watching the right free kids cartoons, and they aren’t spending too much time in front of the TV. Like all things in life, they should be enjoyed in moderation. 

So, what are the benefits your children can get from watching cartoons? Let’s find out! 

They help with Language Skills

Children are constantly learning, and one of the most important skills they are trying to master is language. Much of this knowledge will come from their parents, but it’s important they hear others speak too. Cartoons will help them to understand language and how it is used as they listen to their favourite characters speak to one another. 

Furthermore, there are countless cartoons that explicitly teach language skills, such as basic spelling and ABC’s. 

They teach Important lessons

How have kids learnt important life lessons throughout history? By listening to stories. As technology got more advanced, picture books became the method of choice for these tales. Today we have the benefits of full motion pictures on a screen. 

Just as the old stories and nursery rhymes used to, cartoons are used today to teach kids important lessons of life. They present important ideas in a friendly way that they can engage with and learn from. 

Exposes kids to new cultures and places

An important lesson that children need to learn is that people are different, and that’s ok. However, you don’t get to leave the house much when you’re a child. Cartoons can take your child all over the world and show them different people, cultures, and places. This will help them to be more open-minded and curious about the world. 

Positive Role Models

Many cartoons feature characters who have problems they need to solve. These are problems your child may not have encountered yet, but will likely do so in the future. Seeing how these characters deal with these problems can help to teach children to do the same. This builds their confidence and their social skills and will help them to better adjust as they grow up. 

Ignites their Imagination

Finally, the bright colours, wild characters, and exciting worlds will help bring their imagination to life. They will see themselves as superheroes, astronauts, or animals in the jungle. This is all part of being a kid – exploring your imagination and seeing where it will take you. 

Final Thoughts

There are quite a few benefits to letting your kids watch cartoons, especially when you choose the right content and let your kids watch in moderation.