Where Do Hydrangeas Grow Best?

Places hydrangea producer in the world

Hydrangea is a flower from oriental land. This plant would love to spring up to its flower well when the right land plants it. The most appropriate land for cultivating the flowers is obviously the land which is similar to its place of origin. This plant comes from China, Japan, and also the Himalayan.

The best country that produces hydrangeas is located in East Asia. The best plant ramifies well in China, Japan, and also Korea. It does not mean that another place can not grow or produce this flower. The flower can also sprout in other places in Asia, as long as the circumstances are not too much different.

Find hydrangea in Singapore

Hydrangea could grow in Singapore. Nevertheless, it is a little bit hard to raise the flower. The flower probably does not overgrow, as we see in google’s picture. It is somewhat tricky to make the flower overgrow.

You can find the plant grown on Prince’s Landscape Pte. Ltd. for the plant inside the pot. Then you only need to plant and care about it. You need to spend about SGD 38.00. It is not too expensive for the lovely flower you will get.

On the other hand, if you want to plant it from the first, you are bound to buy it since it’s a seed. Find it in the store or delivery. You behoove plant it on the pot first until it sprouts into the small plant before you replace it in your garden.

Growing Hydrangea with Junghuhn climate theory

Hydrangea can arise at a temperature -4̊ Celsius  ̶  22̊ Celsius. It means these flowers are suited to be planted in autumn and spring. But there is no autumn or spring in Singapore.

Based on the Köppen classification, Singapore is a tropical climate. It means, on Junghuhn classification, Singapore is included in the temperate climate. Thus you can still plant the plant in Singapore. Some tricks are needed to plant a hydrangea in a tropical environment to make it in abundance as we want.

To make it abundant, we have to place the hydrangea in a place exposed to the morning sun. You also need extremely fertile soil. The best soil of that is humus soil because it is formed from the weathering of plants so that its fertility is pretty natural.

Hydrangea should have well-ordered watering cause it needs enough water and enough dampness. To perfect the flowering process, this plant also demands fertilizer. The best fertilizer for this kind of plant is manure. Fertilization must be once in 2 weeks regularly.

Based on these tips, the hydrangea is growing like a plant and flowering well and abundantly because our climate is not the same as Asia in the Eastern part.

Is hydrangea poisonous?

Hydrangea is magnificent, yet it is poisonous also. The poison inside the flower is equal to cyanide. It causes out of breath, headache, seizures, and the most fateful is sudden death. These are the kind of plants that we need to keep away from children and pets.

The poison on this plant has only existed on its petals. Meanwhile, its leaf and root could be herbal medicine for some external and internal diseases. The disease is malaria, eczema, and laryngitis.

Hydrangeas bouquet

This kind of flower will be suited for any type of flower. White hydrangea is looking nice when you put it with red rose together on the posy. Not only the red rose, but the peace rose is also suitable for it.

The blue petals of this flower are also a good idea to make it be a posy. A bundle hydrangea is lovely yet elegant. It is not too big, easy to carry, and also good for the one who loves a simple bouquet. The white petals of the flower bouquet are also glamorous to be a wedding bouquet. It looks simple at the same time.

Your house probably will look more beautiful if you put a vas with the hydrangea inside. The flower could be blue, purple, or white petals and other kinds of flowers like carnation or lily. It could give your room a rich sensation of the flower.

The pink hydrangea that you make by raising the pH also will be a lovely bouquet. You can put it together with a pink rose randomly inside the vas, posy, rattan box. It is a suitable bouquet for old women you want to give. It can be you, your grandma, your grandparents near your house, or if you’re going to come to the nursing home.

That bouquet recommendation is pretty easy to make. Yet if you are too busy or lazy to make it on your own, you could find it on an online store. You could buy it on the online store that could help you find gift delivery Singapore . Of course, it is straightforward to find and give a gift to anyone. You do not need to get tired of preparing a gift.