What Kind of an Engagement Ring Would You Prefer

If you start thinking about an engagement ring three days before you plan to give it to your chosen one, you are in big trouble. It would be best to take a little more time for that endeavor. Expert advice is that in a joint, informal, walk around the city, here and there you enter some jewelry store and see in which direction the taste of your sweetheart is moving. Are they objects of larger dimensions and richer, or are they more delicate and decent whether it is dominated by several smaller, condensed stones in a narrower space or one, but concrete and larger. In any case, it is important to remember the basic guidelines that your chosen one likes. Once you learn the basic features, head to a quality goldsmith, preferably on a recommendation. Be sure to choose a goldsmith who makes items by hand so he can meet all your requirements of the Black Diamond Ring.

  • Another option is to look at her existing jewelry and try to find a ring of a similar style in jewelry stores. While there is a chance that you will make a mistake in choosing, it will be evident that you have been thinking about choosing a ring, and you have not just entered the first store and bought a ring of the appropriate price range. You can also browse the offer offered by world-renowned ring-making companies online by entering the term engagement rings.
  • If you think that you are able to give your chosen one something more and truly make an effort about the choice, read in detail our portal that is full of information about topics of interest to you. Success is guaranteed.

The History of the Engagement Ring

Reading about the history of the engagement ring we will certainly come across more myths than actual events and facts. Everywhere you will hear that the engagement ring is a symbol of love, togetherness and eternity. But when and where did it all start? The most recent surviving records say that the trend of donating diamond rings among wealthy and royal circles by giving Mary of Burgundy such a ring in 1477. But what was before that 1477? Were there diamond rings and if so where did they procure the diamonds?


Prehistoric man tied his future wife by the arm and leg around him so she could not escape. This, of course, was not a crime, but a way of expressing love and the greatest respect. In time, when it turned out that the bride did not want to run away, they would untie her legs and arms and tie a ribbon around her finger to show that she was in a relationship. Of course, that is just one of the interesting theories.

Middle Ages

As the hardest mineral in the world, the diamond symbolizes the indissoluble union of man and woman. Thus it became a common stone for engagement rings in wealthy circles and royal families. After the discovery of the site in Brazil, diamonds became more accessible to a wider circle of people and thus a common gift in wealthy families.

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The meaning of an engagement ring

An engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry, but an object with multiple roles. With it we express love and fidelity to the person to whom we gave it, permanence, and infinity. As a symbol of lasting love, an engagement ring should contain top features.

The durability of the connection will be best highlighted by a diamond embedded in a handmade ring. The spark that shines from the stone will most clearly evoke the zeal that is present in the love between two people.

The basic shape of the ring, seen from the side, is a circle which in turn associates us with infinity and the motto “until death do them part” comes to full expression. In the traditional way of looking at this act, it has a much greater meaning, and characterizes the serious beginning of the life of two people together.

When looking for a ring?

You have to make a decision when you see that the situation is fully mature. Otherwise, you may experience disappointment that can be painful. What does that mean? Initial answer is: go on time. Why? When things mature in your head you will probably choose some date or occasion on which to hand it over. Of course, take your time and consult with friends who have been through it all. Inquire about the taste of a loved one with her closest friends. Remember that it takes time to choose the desired model and make it.

How to give a ring to your loved one?

An act is very sensitive and can say a lot about you, what you feel, about your relationship and future life. Use your imagination and be creative. The ring should be handed over with dignity and love. The act itself will be impressive if you make it as a surprise.

That moment should be remembered for a lifetime, so don’t put yourself in the situation of handing over the ring in the same way, by the way, as an ordinary gift. In movies and books, you can come across really diverse examples of propositions, so we’ll leave the choice to you. But for those left without ideas, here are a few examples:

Prepare dinner at home, alone and with lighted candles hand over a carefully chosen engagement ring. You can put it in a napkin, a bouquet of flowers that she especially likes, arrange in dessert be careful not to swallow it

If you are not used to cooking, you will get a similar effect if you take her to an exclusive restaurant for a romantic dinner. You can hand over the ring with a short speech by opening the box on the table. Or, in agreement with the waiter, propose to the chosen one of your heart when the dessert in which the ring is hidden arrives on the table.

Since proposing is a very festive moment consider a romantic weekend at sea or in the mountains, depending on preferences and seasons. It is important to get away from everyday life. Surrender it during a romantic walk along the waterfront or after you have conquered the planned mountain peak, you will not go wrong.