What do you do with dried flowers from boyfriend?

As the name implies, dried flowers are flowers that have gone through a natural drying or dehydration process. So that the flower will become completely dry, which for coloring it still has to go through one more process to make it look fresher.

Dried flowers have advantages that you cannot get from real flowers or live flowers because dried flowers do not wither and do not need water. For this reason, this flower is often used as an option to beautify and make home decorations more aesthetic.

Many brides choose dried flowers for their bridal bouquets. This is one of the easiest ways to keep as a keepsake. They can be perfectly preserved for years and hardly cared for.

In addition, the price of real flowers which are relatively expensive also makes many people prefer to use dried flowers because the prices are more affordable, you can even make your own at home. We can easily get dried flowers and send them as gifts through birthday gift delivery Singapore.

Types of Dried Flowers


As with real flowers, dried flowers also have their types. In fact, in some e-commerce, this one flower is also widely sold in the form of stems to bouquets. First, there are Pampas flowers, which are quite large and suitable for display on the cabinet or directly on the floor. There’s also Lagurus. Lagurus has a light golden brown color so it is very suitable to be combined with various types of colors, both for the color of the vase and the room. Lagurus is a flower with a long shape so it is suitable when placed in a vase with a long neck as well.

The most popular dried flower is Baby’s Breath. Baby’s Breath is one of the easiest types of flowers to find. In fact, you can also buy it directly at any flower shop. Generally, this one flower is sold in the form of several stalks or units. When dry, it will remain white with a beautiful brownish stem.

The second popular dried flower is the cotton flower. As the name implies, this beautiful flower is indeed a cotton flower that makes the room look more charming. Cotton with a round shape that comes out of the petals accompanied by dark brown stems will certainly make anyone excited to make it. Cotton flowers are perfect when placed in a neutral-colored vase or clear glass.

Actually, there are many more types of beautiful and aesthetic dried flowers. We can get it easily through flower delivery Singapore. Beautiful flowers will make anyone fall in love.

Dried Flower Creations


If your boyfriend gives you dried flowers, you can use them as room decorations for your other favorite room. Place dried flowers in a vase, glass jar, or hang them on the wall. In fact, we can make it as a candle craft. The trick is to put the dried flowers in a jar, place them on the edges, then add the scented wax liquid. In addition to candles, they can also be used for bar soap decoration. But remember, even though they don’t need water like real flowers in general, dried flowers in fact also still need special care to keep them looking beautiful and beautiful.

How to Care for Dried Flowers


First, store it in a dry and clean place. In contrast to real flowers that need sunlight to stay fresh, this one flower must be protected from the sun, because it is vulnerable and tends to be fragile. Even though dried flowers can’t be exposed to direct sunlight, that doesn’t mean they have to be stored in a room with high humidity. Because, a room with high humidity will actually make the flowers limp, damp, and easily moldy.

Second, placing dried flowers in the room will certainly make the flowers dusty. Therefore, spray it with an automatic air sprayer to keep the flowers clean from dust. In addition, choose an air spray with fast pressure and sufficient distance, not too close or too far, so that the flowers do not fall out. One way to prevent dried flowers from collecting dust is to store them in a glass dome. In this way, we can enjoy the decorations they offer without losing the essential characteristics of these flowers.

Don’t store it in plastic! Not only real flowers, but dried flowers are also fragile if not stored properly. It’s good, keep this flower in a box or vase, and don’t store it in plastic.