What are the Bar Trends You Must Look Out for?

The hospitality industry had faced a great disruption last year and pubs and bars had received the greatest blows. Amidst the pandemic restrictions, the bars and pubs in Montreal finally opened their doors to the alcohol enthusiasts and right from then certain bar trends started to evolve. These trends bid farewell to the traditional social drinking norms in crowded places and they have become creative enough for people to willingly participate in the same. Here are listed a few of the most notable trends:

Off-premises alcohol sales

The bars and pubs that have been serving the alcohol found it a mandate to off-premise sell the alcohol. It soon picked up to be a rising trend now. Many businesses are dipping their hands for alcohol take-outs and this has been more profitable than ever. This segment was always growing and the pandemic just gave it a boost. The off-premises sales are taking place in various forms like cocktail kits, growler pours, adult slushies, and whole bottle sales.

Alcohol delivery

The alcohol delivery had many laws governing it which were pretty much loosened up during the pandemic. This helped the restaurants and the bars to offer the alcohol in their delivery menu as well. With the demand for alcohol keeps on increasing, the convenience of getting them at your doorstep is also increasing. With abiding by all the local and national rules, your favorite drink from your favorite bar is now available despite the lockdown.

Subscription services

Bars are getting very much busier with keeping up with your “drinking at home” trend. This is one of the best ways to keep the bar owners connected with their customer base while keeping up with their sales. They focus a lot beyond just basic alcohol delivery. These bars are partnering with these app-based deliveries that are helping the subscriptions shoot up the roofs. Monthly wine bottles do not take any longer to get to you.

Outdoor activities

The last year had been an eye-opener for how outdoor spaces are safer than indoor ones. Hence bars are taking up the challenges to show their creativity in their seating arrangements. They are looking out for ways to optimally control the temperature outside and serve drinks of your fascination.

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