Types of Bags: 12 Core Styles for Your Closet

An outfit is made perfect when you pair it with the appropriate accessories. While a watch, bracelets, earrings and rings are ideal accessories, let’s not forget how bags for women have the power to make an impact on your overall look.

Bags for women are the perfect arm candy that they can carry everywhere they go. But having just a handful of them isn’t enough as every look demands a certain type of bag to complement with. If you are wondering which are the best and the most trending bags for women these days, let us show you a couple of them.

  1. Statement candy bags: These bags justify being the perfect arm candy for women because they are tiny and colourful. The size of these bags is just enough to hold your bare minimum essentials such as your little touch-up kit, cash and phone. The ruched detailing on the handle sets these arm candies apart from the rest. They make for a perfect accessory to blend with your slinky dresses.
  2. Statement baguettes: If you think the candy bags are too tiny to fit your essentials, the statement baguettes can be of help. They are similar to the previous ones but a little elongated and feature two types of handles: a gold chain and one made from the same fabric as the bag.
  3. Bucket bags: These purses are really cute because they resemble tiny buckets with a little flap and a chain-like handle. Available in a number of colours and prints and sizes, these can be your go-to bags for coffee dates.
  4. Cross-body bag: If you want your hands to remain free while out and about, cross-body bags for women are an ideal choice. They can keep all your essentials intact and let’s appreciate how they give your look a subtle sporty touch.
  5. Satchel bag: A satchel can store your laptop and books due to its rectangular shape. They come with two handles: a long and a short strap, which makes them an ideal choice among college and office-going girls.
  6. Tote bag: If you are planning to go on a shopping spree with your gals, carry a tote bag. This bag is large enough for women to carry all their essential belongings, including some of the stuff they shop for.
  7. Evening clutch: For an evening to remember an elegant clutch is the best bag to be paired with your cocktail gown. This little piece can hold all your emergency makeup essentials.
  8. Wristlet: If you’re not finding your favourite bracelet to wear with your outfit for an evening to remember, simply carry this little bag that can be worn on your wrist.
  9. Duffel bag: For the fitness freak in you, this cylindrical-shaped bag is enough to carry all your workout-related stuff. You can even trade it for a week-long holiday.
  10. Belt bag: Accessorising your outfit can be taken to the next step by attaching this fanny pack to your belt. This little number can carry your essential stuff and is ideal for running errands.
  11. Envelope bag: This wedding season, pair your elegant sarees with embroidered envelope bags.
  12. Round bag: This round bag is designed in jute or fabric or even leather and is the perfect airport look that you need.

These are the ideal bags for women you need to make a stylish statement.