Tips To Make The Perfect Potato Crispy

The majority of the time, we hear people saying fries before guys, and almost everyone is likely to agree to this.  No doubt French fries are expected to be only a side dish, but it is one dish which all of us tend to savor till the end of time. The classic Fried potato crispy (ทอด มันฝรั่ง ให้ กรอบ, which is the term in Thai) is perfect and loved by all age groups.  It is so crunchy on the exterior and so soft in the interior that everyone falls in love with French fries. The best part is that no matter which part of the globe you are in, you can find the dish always. You can get all the more obsessed with the potato crispy by eating them in the following ways.

Super Crispy Chili French Fries 

You can make the regular French fries and add some spice to them by sprinkling some red chili powder. Besides that, you can continuously sip on some cold beverages, including iced tea.

French Fries And Cheddar Cheese

We have always heard that French fries and cheese go hand in hand, but you can add some twist to this version by melting the cheddar cheese or microwaving it for some time.

When making the perfect Fried potato crispy at home, you need to know that there are a few secret ingredients that play a crucial role. The main aim is to ensure that the core of the fries is entirely cooked before the exterior tends to get too brown. You can quickly achieve this by cooking the fries twice and use some specific type of oil and potatoes. 

It might sound challenging to fry the fries twice, but if you wish to have light and crispy fries, you need to do this for sure. Or else they will get crispy either in the center or be limp and greasy.  If you want to make the best French fries, then you must buy high starch potatoes, including the Idaho potatoes. It is mainly because the variety is not only denser but also tends to have minimum moisture. You should surely not use waxy potatoes that feature red skin or fingerling. These potatoes tend to contain a lot of water which tends to hollow out when they are fried as the water will evaporate in no time.