The Online Marriage Counseling Startup: How We Are Revolutionizing the Industry

Online marriage counseling has become a booming industry to say the least. More than ever, people are turning to these services even when their own personal relationships might not be going well. Of course, it’s not enough for an online marriage counselor to just offer Online Marriage Counseling services — they must do so in an ethical way that is beneficial to all parties involved in the relationship.

In today’s article, we will be analyzing the online marriage counseling space and its growing influence in the marketplace. In addition to that, we’re also going to discuss a new platform. This new platform uses innovative technology that focuses on the current issues facing relationships today. Some of these issues include how to deal with infidelity and how to revive a relationship that has lost its luster.

The Need for Online Marriage Counseling

Sometimes marriages can hit some rocky patches. It happens to even the best of couples. Some might call it the seven year itch — some might say it’s just a matter of growing together and miscommunication. Whatever the cause may be, online marriage counseling has been booming. In fact, one in every five individuals will experience online counseling at some point during their lives. For example, individuals that are going through divorce will often turn to online counseling because they want to find solutions that won’t cost them so much money and time. Also, it helps that these solutions are easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Another reason for the boom of this industry is how affordable it is when compared to real life marriage counselors. For instance, in-person counseling services typically cost over $1,000 per hour and couples are required to commit the entire time for such services. Online marriage counseling on the other hand, can be obtained for around 50% of that amount.

The Problem with Traditional Marriage Counseling

Although online marriage counseling is more affordable and convenient, it also has some drawbacks that have kept people from opting for this option when they have a relationship problem. We will now take a look at some of these negative aspects and discuss how ” NextGen Couples” is trying to fix these issues.

Traditional counseling requires individuals to pay for long-term sessions that are sometimes not even needed. As we mentioned before, there is a much bigger market for online marriage counseling because it’s far more convenient and affordable. For example, a couple can have weekly sessions over the phone or Skype with their counselor. This won’t be an issue at all until something starts going wrong within the relationship. Then, you will usually be required to find another counselor if you do not agree with your current one or if they don’t agree to work with you further.