The Most Unusual Things Made Out Of Gold

People love beautiful things but the love of gold has led people to create and buy all kinds of things made from gold. Gold is not only used to make bullion that gets put in a safe or to make jewellery but there are more fanciful things. People wear, eat, and even use gold make toilets and gold toilet paper to go with it. There is nothing on earth that spells wealth and opulence like gold does and people have come up with the most extraordinary things to make with gold.  Why would anyone need a hold plated Lamborghini, or eat a gold chocolate bar, or have a custom-made gold shirt made? The truth is, throughout history, there have been people who have had what many would call an irrational love for gold. These aren’t your typical gold bullion coin enthusiasts who are obsessed with rare coins and it this goes beyond just buying gold because of its intrinsic value. There are the kinds of things that will make you wonder “why would anyone even think of making such a thing?”

  1. The golden Toilet Paper

Some people just want to go beyond having finer things in life. Anyone can buy gold cutlery, not only is it beautiful but it is useful. Now, why would anyone buy gold toilet paper? Maybe to go along with the gold toilet like the one the one Maurizio Cattelan made for the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum.

  1. Gold Cheese

Gold has been incorporated in haute cuisine for years. It’s not just desert that gets the golden touch but if you are a lover of cheese you might wonder what eating cheese with actual gold might be like. Someone actually went out of their way to create cheese with a actual gold in it. And how much would a slice be worth? Well, a 100-gram piece of a golden Stilton cheese cost nearly $500.

  1. The gold pacifier

When the rich and famous have babies they tend to go overboard with their money if they aren’t buying one of a kind, luxury designer strollers, they are sucking on a 24karat gold pacifier.

  1. Gold Dumbbells

Dumbbells made o gold might not sound that bad but when you think about it, who would want to work out with a pair of gold dumbells? Kristof Hock, a German artist and designer seemed to think that gold dumbells can be useful. You can see the appeal for someone who is obsessed with how they look and the things they have used to help them look that good. These dumbbell come at a price of $125,000.

  1. Gold Shoes

When it comes to shoes, one could say some women have an irrational love for them. Most wealthy women love buying one-of-a-kind designer shoes but there is no shoe that compares to the Alberto Moretti velvet shoes that are covered in 24karat gold.

  1. Edible gold

You might think that eating gold is weird and senseless but there is a gold covered chocolate bar that has been doing the rounds. The price of such a decadent chocolate bar stars at $100. And then there is the $1000 ice cream covered in 24karat gold.

  1. Gold Contact Lenses

Gold make-up and gold nails aren’t uncommon or surprising but gold contact lenses are something else. These are just contact lenses with a gold color tint but they are actual gold lenses that are worth $15,000. It seems ridiculous to pay that much money for something that looks bizarre and creepy but someone clearly believed the world needed gold contact lenses.

By now you should be thinking: what will they come up with next?

For most people, this all sounds too frivolous and maybe not so much for people who love gold for its value but more for how it looks and what it portrays. But as long as people revere gold as much as they have over the past centuries, one can never go wrong buying more gold. Have some cash to spend? Thinking about your future and want to safe guard your hard earned savings then you should be thinking about gold. Buy gold now if you can and make sure its gold bullion.