The benefits of IPhone over Android phones

A lot of us love Android phones due to software customization and the ease of use. But still if you ask anyone the type of phone that you should be choosing then would voice their inclination towards IPhone. This is irrespective of the fact that IPhone 13 Pro max price in UAE is at the higher end. But what are the benefits of IPhones over a traditional Android phone; let us get to the details

User friendly

Though the creators of Android try their best in developing phones, till date IPhones are the easiest ones to use in the market. The feel along with look of IOS is not something that has changed over the years. A major benefit of IPhone is that it works in the same way as in 2008. Just pick up the phone, touch the app that you are looking to open. In spite of the fact that Apple has made some improvements over the years like a control centre, IPhone is something that you may learn easily.

Extreme security

A major benefit of these phones is the security feature. Suppose you would be using the phone to access your social media accounts, bank details or take selfies.  In such cases security could turn out to be a major concern. It is for the simple reason that the data may turn out to be valuable for cyber- crooks and potentially harm you along with your loved ones.

The phones work beautifully with Macs

If you are already using Apple products or shopping for a new IPhone then it is the right time to choose one. From numerous manufacturers there are various third party apps that can be used on the platform. There is an option of AirDrop by which you may transfer photos.

They are faster

An individual who has used both the platforms, it is fair to say that IPhone is user friendly and few technical glitches arise. One of the areas where IPhone outscores Android is in terms of performance. Currently it is one of the most powerful smartphones in the world as it has around 6 GB of RAM. Such speculations would be mid –range if you end up considering it to be one of the best smart phones of the world. Even an apple charger happens to be the top draw.

Holds its value properly

IPhone is one that retains its value easily. If you are looking for an upgrade it is easy to sell an IPhone easily as compared to an Android phone. Though some of the Android phones are also known to retain its value well, upgrading IPhone turns out to be a major hassle.

Easy to make payments with Apple Pay

Though Android manufacturers are spending a lot of effort in making Android pay work, for making mobile payments Apple Pay is the best method. This happens due to the simple reason that is easy to use. The platform also stores your credit card information and offers reward cards within a wide range of companies. They tend to be stored in the new wallet of Apple.

In a nutshell a choice among the IPhone and Android the former wins the race miles ahead. It is mainly chosen due to the accessibility features. An example is Apple IOS has a lot of accessibility features where work is still going on. Even the voice over of Apple is rated to be one of the most sought out features till date

So from all counts Apple is the accessibility king, due to the handy set of in- built features.