Should You Opt For Ads On Facebook?

Facebook started as a social media platform where people like to message their friends, share photos, and write what they have in mind. However, Facebook now is a marketplace that helps buyers meet the seller. The Facebook marketplace is quite popular, as it is one of the biggest social media platforms with millions of accounts of people from around the world. 

Are there any benefits of running Facebook ads (โฆษณา Facebook, which is the term in Thai) for your business or company in the year 2021? Honestly, you can enjoy a lot of benefits by running an ad, and here are a few of them. 

Advantage Of Going With Facebook Advertisement

  • Customer Engagement

About 80% of internet user spends their time on Facebook. Billions of people tend to check their Facebook account multiple times in a day.  So, running Facebook ads is a great way to take your product in front of a large audience daily. 

  • Targeted Advertisement

Businesses are becoming more data-driven with all the new technology that allows data collection. Facebook has the biggest database of people of all lifestyles that you can use to your advantage and reach your target audience.  You can track your audience base on different data points like age, interest, occupation, location, and behavior. So, Facebook advertisement leverages your business taking you to the right customers. 

  • Facebook Advertisements are Cheap

For stating Facebook advertisements are cheap, you need to look at the amount of money you need to pay to advertise through other media platforms. Traditional media such as radio, billboards, television commercials give you less reach per dollar you spend. Moreover, they do not give you any parameter that you can use to check if the advertisement is working. However, on Facebook, you get to reach 1000 people by spending 5$. 

  • Increase Brand Awareness

Facebook has become critical for brand establishment. The millions of people on Facebook allow you to build brand awareness nowhere before you get to reach thousands of people in an instant. For reaching millions through Facebook ads and posts, and create awareness. 

  • Increase Web Traffic

Running Facebook advertisements can benefit other aspects of your business. If you got a business site that gets low traffic, running Facebook ads can change the scenario. By running the website click campaign, you can take the interested audience directly to your business website. That way, you can increase the traffic on your website, which further improves your site rankings.