Reasons why a lot of Men love  Strip Clubs

Strip clubs are a polarizing topic. A lot of men have been to strip clubs or have thought about visiting such an establishment for fear of being judged. It’s like watching porn; most people watch and actually love porn but they will swear until they are blue in the face that it’s something they just don’t do. Strippers also tend to be misunderstood.

A lot of men have wandered into a strip club or accepted an invitation to one at some point. Every red-blooded man likes to see a beautiful naked woman who is only interested in pleasing him. However there are other reasons that men love going to clubs.

  1. Visual feast

We’ll state the obvious: Naked women who are enthusiastic about giving you a good time. You can look all you want. You get to ogle as much as you want to. You can stare at all the body parts you fantasise about for as long as you want to without admonishing or judgement. In fact, the more you stare and try more you share your appreciation by tipping the more positive attention you will get.

  1. You get hit on

The strip club is the only place where the tables are turned as far as sexual attention is concerned. If you are a guy who has a hard time hitting on other woman or who might have trouble getting dates, the strip club is the one place women will hit on you. However, you should always keep in mind that strippers sell an illusion. The ladies working the pole are doing just that-working. If it looks like they are showing you attention, don’t take it too personal, it’s their job. You have to accept it as part of an act, an basked in it for as long as you can. Reality should return the minute you step outside the door.

While you are in a strip club every girl will try to get your attention whilst in the real world women might weigh you against some ideal they have in their head of what Mr perfect should be. At a strip club as long as you bring your wallet and a good attitude, you are the sexiest, wealthiest most charming being.

Most married men go to strip clubs not because they are flirting with the idea of cheating or they aren’t attracted to their wives anymore, they go because they feel appreciated and wanted the minute they walk through the door.

  1. It’s a great way to learn how to analyse women’s emotion in relation to your erection

Women react differently to men when they see a naked body. They can get naked and put their clothes back on in seconds if you make the wrong move or say the wrong thing. Whilst you are required to act respectfully in a strip club, the ladies aren’t particularly bothered by being objectified.  Are they enjoying themselves?  Most people would like to think so. And on good night’s when the mood is high, and they are feeling the music and the tips are flowing-sure, they are. Most of the time you just have to suspend your disbelief and go with the flow.