How can tantric sex improve your relationship?

There is more than one road that leads to orgasm. While others prefer the fast and furious way, others want it slow and steady. Irrespective of the one you prefer, emphasis is on one “orgasm.” Your sexual relationship should depend solely on the decisions you and your partner make. If you call the shots alone, the relationship would have issues in the long run. So, for the relationship to run smoothly, you and your partner must agree on all major decisions, especially sex.

As mentioned earlier, there are several means of attaining orgasm, but we’d be discussing tantric sex for this content. If you haven’t heard the word before, don’t worry. Before the end of this content, an explanation will be made, and you can also learn how to improve your relationship with this type of sex. So, let’s get right into it.

What is tantric sex?

It is a slower version of sex that is designed solely to enhance the level of intimacy between you and your partner. This word was coined from the word “tantra,” which means “woven together.” With this, you have a mental picture of what tantric sex is about. It is the slow and steady sex that helps improve intimacy. So, the goal here is not to attain orgasm in less than 5 minutes or minutes. Instead, it is about creating a bond, a connection between yourself and your partner that would span for a long time. This type of sex, as mentioned earlier, is not done with being time-conscious; it might span for hours, but the aim is to establish a much deeper connection than physical exercise. It takes away all forms of anxiety and helps you enjoy sexual sensations.

How can tantric sex improve your relationship?

As mentioned above, tantric sex isn’t very much physical. Instead, it is more psychological, and they can help your relationship in these ways.

· Reduce your level of anxiety:

Having regular tantric sex will help you form a deeper connection with your partner such that you don’t get to worry over irrelevances. It improves the level of trust between you and your partner, which, in turn, helps reduce anxiety.

· Heightens your senses:

You can’t have tantric sex and not engage your sense because you need to focus on your breath control. So, it’s one of the few means of sharpening your senses. With this, your partner doesn’t have to say much before you understand them. You can tell they are around from just hearing their voice, thanks to tantric sex.

· By practicing it:

Peradventure, you’ve seen this type of sex in porn videos; one way to use it to your advantage is by exploring it with your partner. The more you explore, the more you understand it, and the more it would help improve your relationship.