Good Plot About True Crime Events – Midnight Murders

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Midnight Murders – A Telugu crime thriller

Midnight Murders is a Telugu-dubbed movie directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas. It was initially a Malayalam creation. The movie leads are played by KunchackoBoban, Unnimaya Prasad SreenathBhasi and Jinu Joseph. Supporting actors include Sharafudheen and DivyaGopinath. The movie also contains exciting shots that are a creative output of the cinematographer Shyju Khalid. The technical and musical arrangement cast includes SaijuSreedharan and SushinShyam, respectively.

Midnight Murders brings to life a series of brutal attacks that shock Kochi. Anwar Hussain, the protagonist, is a psychologist who helps the Kochi police find the mystery killer. Associated as a consulting criminologist, the cases get complicated every time Anwar seeks to solve them. The story continues from onward and deals with the mystery-solving till the end. The movie is a seemingly well-crafted story with believable actors. An intriguing plot and efficient narration put the film into the limelight. A solid crime drama? Definitely. The movie keeps you hooked from the start. Impactful performances of the lead actors add further to the movie’s quality delivery.

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