Car Shipping Guide for Beginners – Important Terms You Should Know

You could find several different terms in the car shipping document. People who are shipping their car for the first time may not have an idea about these terms. As it is important to thoroughly understand the shipping contract, you need to know about these terms.

This article will cover all the important car shipping terms so that you get greater satisfaction and better service.

Bill of Lading

It is a document that verifies the delivery of the vehicle. It also documents the condition of the vehicle at the time of its pickup and delivery.  Ship a Car, Inc. is a reputed company that provides efficient car hauling service to people worldwide. They offer door-to-door and coast-to-coast transportation to and from any part of the US. Visit their webpage to know more.

Lienholder Authorization

This document is meant for those car owners who are still paying off the loan on their vehicle. The lienholder requires you to obtain formal authorization before transporting the car.

Absent Owner Authorization

This document is needed when the car shipper goes through a port. This paperwork is helpful when you wish to authorize any other person to pick up the car at the destination.

Title and Registration

The title of the vehicle indicates its ownership. The registration implies who has all the legal documentation in the home state.

Proof of Insurance

This document indicates what is covered and not covered under the vehicle’s insurance. It is more of use for the car owner. A majority of car shipping companies do not require it at the time of transportation.

Photo ID

This is another less important document needed for shipping a vehicle. It could be needed by an auto transporter if it wants to populate their internal databases with the customer’s information. For this purpose, they may ask the customer to provide photo ID proof like a driver’s license, etc.

Other Things Worth Knowing in The Car Shipping Contract

  • The car that you want to ship should belong to you or you should have consent from its owner to ship it.
  • The car should not have any loose parts. Also, it should not have alarm systems that may interfere with the car shipping process.
  • Don’t leave your belongings in the car, as it can add weight as well as make the car a key target for vandalism.
  • It is required for a person to be present at the time of pickup or delivery of the car. In absence or the presence of the person, there have to be made special arrangements to store the car safely at the destination.
  • The pickup dates, delivery dates, etc. mentioned in the contract are an estimate. There is no assurance about it.
  • If due to adverse weather conditions, zone-based restrictions, or low-lying trees, etc., the truck can’t reach the destination, then you can fix a place closer to the destination for the vehicle delivery.


These are the commonly mentioned terms and conditions in the shipping contract that takes place between the shipping company and its customers. Knowledge about them would help a customer learn about the company’s offerings better and avoid confusion in the future.