Best Way to Prepare for the School Year

Getting ready for a new school year causes a mix of emotions. Feelings can range from excitement to nervousness to resignation. Regardless of your child’s thoughts about school, getting ready to learn more can make each student’s experience much better. Here are some ideas on how to prepare for this coming school year.


Getting systems set up before the school year starts is one key to being prepared. You need a daily routine, a way to track assignments, and a calendar for the fun after school and weekend events.

Summer is great for many reasons; one is the lack of routine for many. To prepare for a stressed-reduced school year, develop a daily routine for your child. It should include –

o   what time they get up and go to bed

o   when they shower- morning or night

o   selecting an outfit for school before bedtime

o   packing their backpack at night after homework is finished

o   charging their computer through the night (It should be resting on their backpack while charging.)

o   breakfast, snacks, and lunch should be planned for the week

Students should use a planner or assignment pad to write in their homework. If they do not have homework for a subject, that should be noted. The assignment pad should be used as a checklist to pack their backpack before leaving school, after homework is completed, and when homework is put in their backpack.

A large white board or paper calendar should be in a central location for the whole family. On this calendar, everyone can log their upcoming activities. As parents or guardians, the family calendar can be used to figure out rides and carpools, dinner, and family events.

Work Space

Students can learn more when they have a consistent place to do their homework. Your child’s age may be part of determining an acceptable location. Most students before high school work well in a central location. The adult or older sibling can easily monitor phone and internet usage. While dinner is being prepared, the younger students can be working on their homework.

Create a space that has easy access to any needed supplies. This will reduce the amount of wandering time that sometimes interferes with focused homework completion.

Independent learners can work on their own completing their homework. But until that skill is mastered, working in a common area can provide students more opportunities for success.


The first few days back to school can feel hectic. To lessen the stress of new situations, purchase school supplies before the first day of school. Many schools and teachers send emails with the supply list. Or check the student’s online classroom for information and notifications from teachers. If supply lists are not available online or through an email, a quick call to the school should provide the information needed.


Everyone learns more by reading. One of the most effective ways to ensure that your child is prepared for the upcoming school year is having them read all summer. If they do not enjoy reading, you can add incentives and/or read with them.