Avail Heavy Discounts on Purchase of Ooni Pizza Ovens from BBQS 2u

BBQs 2u, the barbecue retail business saw a rise in sales of the Ooni pizza oven during the winter season. The sales team said they had never seen such demand for grills and ovens in winter. UK citizens are known for chilled beer and barbecue during summer, but it was the first time that they had seen demand for portable machines especially before Christmas and New Year. 

BBQs 2u keeps the best brands in their store. Whether it is Napoleon, Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, or Ooni pizza ovens, they have stock ready always. However, Britons also realize that during snowy days, it is easier to cook pizza than grill meat outdoor. This has increased the demand for Ooni pizza ovens.

Ooni is the world’s best oven pizza company providing innovative portable ovens for easy cooking and baking. Their products Ooni Koda 12 and Koda 16 are famous all over the UK market. Initially, the brand was named Uuni, later it was changed to Ooni to make the pronunciation simpler all over the world. Ever since the brand was launched in 2012, the manufacturer has received lots of appreciation from their customer for their Koda 12 and Koda 16 models. 

Ooni Koda 12 Pizza oven

The Ooni Koda 12 is a winning portable outdoor oven. It’s great for anyone who loves partying with guests and family with a tasty pizza at any time and place. With a total weight of 9.25 pounds and foldable legs, you’ll be able to easily pack this product and take it with you anyplace.

The Koda 12 heats up in 15 minutes and prepares ready-to-serve pizza within 60 seconds. It’s also capable of preparing meat, seafood, and vegetables. The Ooni Koda’s flame-cooked flavour is popular among users. You can’t go wrong with this gas-powered pizza oven because it gives a different experience.

Ooni Koda 16 Pizza oven

The Ooni Koda 16 is a portable pizza cooking stove designed primarily for outside use. All you have to do is open the folding legs, attach the baking stone, and plug it into a tank. The fact that it is gas-powered provides three significant advantages:

  • Convenience – You’ll be able to utilize it right away.
    • Command – The warmth management dial allows you to easily control the temperature.
  • Ease of use – When it comes to cooking, there are no messy clean-ups.

You can enjoy pizzas in 60 seconds after the oven has been preheated. However, the most significant difference is that it takes 5 minutes longer to heat because it’s bigger in size compared to Koda 12. It’s also more difficult to move than the Koda 12.

However, the larger space fits in bigger pizza that can be a feast for a large group at one time.  

BBQs 2u recently launched 12 Days of Christmas deals where the first 5 days they offered £100 off on Ooni Koda 16. The product’s original price is £400.00 and it was sold at a price of £398.20. BBQs2u keeps offering deals and discounts. People can follow them on their Twitter and other social media accounts to know more about them.