5 Outdoor Spring Activities to Try in 2021

Like a bear, the winter months put many of us into our own form of hibernation. The cold weather keeps us cooped up inside near the heater.

So, when the weather gets warmer, we are anxious to get outside and enjoy it. Fortunately, there are plenty of great ways to spend spring in the new year.

Below are some fun spring activities that the entire family will enjoy.

1) Visit a Public Park

Local parks don’t always get the credit they deserve. Yet, most parks departments do a tremendous job of making public parks a wonderful place.

As such, this spring, consider visiting one of the parks near your neighborhood. Public parks are more than a one day escape. Most have the facilities to keep you entertained all spring.

Try picking up a new sport. Basketball, tennis, and kickball are all common facilities at public parks.

Beyond this, some parks set up recreational leagues and clubs. Check to see what is available near you. Your public park may become your new springtime hangout.

2) Backyard BBQs

Not all these spring activities involve exercise or even leaving the house. This one is all about reaching peak relaxation. A backyard cookout is an activity the whole family can get behind.

The spring air makes it the perfect time of year to wheel out the grill. Make the BBQ an all-day affair. Invite the neighbors, start a potluck, and veg out in the backyard.

Sunglasses and Hawaiian shirts are welcome. With a belly full of hotdogs and hamburgers, go ahead and doze off under the spring sun. What a day.

3) Fishing 

Hemingway, Twain, and Melville are some of the great authors who published tales of fishing. Often, they describe springtime fishing as a peaceful, meditative experience. Perhaps, this season, it’s time to see what they were writing about.

Gather the family, pack a picnic, and set out to a local fishing hole. Everyone will enjoy the relaxing, quiet, and rewarding day casting the pole.

Fishing is a great activity for the spring which can develop into a lifetime hobby. Who knows? With a little luck, you may catch something for dinner.

4) Set a Camping Trip

Although the uninitiated may think camping is a bit daunting. This doesn’t have to be the case. The mild weather of spring makes it a perfect time of year to set up a camping trip for the family.

The beauty of camping is it can be as mild or rugged as you want. Looking for a gritty experience? Look into a survivalist camping trip and take on nature first hand.

Alternatively, if you want a laid back weekend, camping can also be a hassle-free time for snoozing and snacking. If you don’t believe me, check out these hammock straps

If you really want to seize springtime, pair camping with the activity below.

5) National Park Adventure 

While the public parts are for recreational activities, National parks are a chance to get in touch with nature.

Check your area to see what is nearby. In every case, national parks are worth a visit. A hiking or biking trip in a national park is an outdoor adventure for the entire family.

Experience the flora and fauna of the area and see what nature in the springtime is all about.

Plan for These Spring Activities

These spring activities are some of the top ways to enjoy the warming weather. Think about what you and your family will be interested in and plan for a great spring season.

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