5 of the best places to find gifts for your partner

Whether you’re celebrating her birthday, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas, the chances are that you’re always on the lookout for a gift for your partner. It’s so easy to go down the everyday route and buy her some flowers or chocolates, but the truth is, most of us want gifts that are thoughtful or useful. Flowers die and chocolates add inches to our waists! Below, we’ve put together some of the best places to find unique gifts for your loved one….


One of the very best websites for finding cute and unique gifts is Etsy, as the vast majority of sellers are small business owners or freelancers looking to make some extra money on the side. You’ll find a whole host of gifts such as jewelry, clothing, party accessories, toys, art, collectibles, and craft supplies, and the best part is that you support small firms when buying.

Specialist websites

If you know what your partner wants, or at least the category of gift she’d appreciate, you should consider buying from a specialist website rather than heading to eBay or Amazon by default. On the Gifts of Ireland website, for example, you’ll find made in Ireland gifts that your partner will love, such as drinkware, skincare, and Claddagh rings, and because you’re buying from a specialist retailer, you’ll enjoy a better level of service and product offerings.

Facebook Marketplace

Whether you’re looking for houseplants or furniture, Facebook Marketplace is another hidden gem where you can find gift ideas for your partner. Perhaps she’s been looking for a new chest of drawers or a dressing table; you could find one that fits the dimensions of your home and upcycle it with paint and accessories. If she’s into houseplants, look for Ravenea rivularis, Fiddle Leaf Ficus, Giant Bird of Paradise, or Calathea Makoyana – they’ll love them!

Her Instagram followers

Another great strategy for finding gift ideas for your partner is to see who she’s following on Instagram and checking out their accounts. For example, if she’s following a home decor account, you could check out some of their products that you know she’s liked, and treat her to one or two. The same goes for fashion, makeup, and jewelry. It cuts out the middle man and ensures that you’re going to buy her something that she actually will use and value.

Friend recommendations

If you’re totally stuck on ideas, then speaking to your partner’s friend can give you some food for thought and ensure you find her a gift she’ll treasure. You can follow her on social media and ask her off the cuff, or wait until your next gathering and pull her friends to one side to ask for some advice. They’ll be more than happy to give you some ideas, and if they can’t think of anything themselves, they’ll subtly drop hints until they can text you an idea.

Where do you usually buy gifts for your partner? Let us know in the comments section below and check back soon for more advice on looking after your loved ones, here every week.