5 Exciting and Fun Travel Recommendations in Wakatobi


Wakatobi Island is one of the many areas in Indonesia that must be visited. This district in Southeast Sulawesi Province is a district consisting of a group of beautiful islands, so it is famous for its amazing tourist attractions. Wakatobi has natural underwater conditions that will leave you speechless. You can prove it from the various reviews Read more about nationalparks usa map that Wakatobi is indeed incredibly beautiful. The famous slogan describes Wakatobi as “A Real Underwater Paradise At the Center of the World’s Coral Triangle.” This slogan has become a magnet for divers from all over the world. This is proof that Indonesia is indeed blessed with abundant natural wealth.

Also known as Wakatobi National Park, the total area reaches 1.39 million hectares and makes the world’s coral triangle. So Wakatobi should be a long vacation destination. There is a special pride for you who can finally go to Wakatobi and witness the beauty that nature presents.

1.  Tomia Island

One proof of the beauty of Wakatobi that you must see is to visit Tomia Island. This island will take you to the beautiful natural scenery of the mainland. Coupled with the natural charm of the underwater world, which can be ascertained, it is no less amazing. Tomia Island can also be enjoyed from another perspective by climbing the top of Kahyangan hill, the best spot to watch the sunset in Wakatobi. Tomia Island is located in the Wakatobi archipelago. You only need a trip of about 4 hours from the capital of Wakatobi Regency, which is taken using a wooden boat that departs from the city of Bau-Bau.

It doesn’t stop with the natural beauty that is presented. Tomia Island is also inhabited by residents who have wisdom, cultural heritage, and fantastic cuisine. If your vacation time is right, you can watch the Safar traditional party ahead of Ramadan and the Bose-bose Tradition. You can participate in various activities, one of which is decorating the boat, filled with various traditional dishes. This boat is paraded around the beach from Patipelong Pier to Tribal Pier to Onemobaa Strait.

2.  Kahyangan Hill

As mentioned in the previous point, Kahyangan Hill is a tourist spot not far from Tomia Island. It must be visited simultaneously so that your vacation is complete. When you hear the name of the peak, of course, you can already imagine how the shape and beauty it offers. Kahyangan Hill has become a very popular tourist destination and a favorite of many tourists. This is because of the area that provides a wonderful panorama.

When you reach the peak, you will see a stretch of grass hill overlooking the spectacular view of Wakatobi. Enjoy this natural beauty from above. It will be more amazing if you take the time to see the sunrise and sunset. Meanwhile, if you decide to camp on this hill, then the view of the constellations will be waiting for you.

3.  Toliamba Hill

The next beautiful place is Toliamba Hill, the best place to enjoy a relaxing time with stunning beach views and green trees. This beautiful peak is not far from the town of Wangi-Wangi, so you will easily find it. Many tourists feel that this place gives peace of mind when they want to be alone. For those of you planning a honeymoon, you can choose this place because of the romantic atmosphere of Toliamba Hill.

4.  Kontamale Cave

The next recommendation is suitable for those of you who like adventure activities and nature exploration. Come to Goa Kontamale, a natural tourism in the form of a cave that has groundwater flow in it. Not only that, in the sky, the cave itself has beautiful stalagmites. This cave is also often referred to as the Telaga Cave (lake) because the water at the edge of the cave looks like a lake. With the water at the mouth of this cave, local residents often come to use it as a source of water for their daily needs. This is because the water never looks cloudy, always clear and clean. A myth says that if someone bathes here, it will be easy to get a mate.

5.  Liya Logo Village

Visiting a tourist village is an interesting way to vacation because you can interact with local residents. So, you have to come to Liya Logo Village, which still keeps local customs and culture pure. The traditional village of Liya Logo has a different and unique beauty. One of them is the existence of a fort that is said to be a witness to the history of the Sultanate of Buton in the land of Wakatobi. The thing that makes it unique is the location of this fort in the hills surrounding Liya Logo Village. In this place, there are also other relics of the Liya kingdom, such as Lafa, the Old Mosque, Baruga, and local cultural treasures such as traditional ceremonies. You can find this village in the Wangi-Wangi sub-district. Don’t worry, many of the neighboring villagers know the name of this village, so it won’t be so difficult to find it.

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