5 Cheap and Instagrammable Hotels in Solo


Hotels in Solo are many choices, but only a few offer cheap and instagramable prices.

You need to know that Solo is the second largest city in Central Java Province. No wonder if there are many hotel choices in Solo. Hotel Instagramable in Solo is very diverse, starting from a budget hotel to a luxury hotel. The following are some Instagramable accommodations or hotels in Solo with super low prices our recommendations for your vacation traveling in Solo and its surroundings.

1. Home Turi Hotel

Hotel Instagramable in the first solo is the home of the Solo Turi, which is in the center of Solo. Besides being cheap, this hotel also offers a unique nuance of tropical architecture. Most of the hotel buildings in Solo have plant pots, with building materials dominated by wood and used goods. This hotel located in Jalan Sriigading II No.12 Solo offers three types of rooms, which numbered eight rooms, Wuni, an indoor-garden of eight rooms, and the kemuning, which is the widest type of room totaling two rooms. The Turi house also has a unique place to eat, with an interior atmosphere dominated by wood material facing directly to the open park, a semi-open sitting area located on the top floor. The menu served there is typical solo city food.

2. The Garden Suites Solo

Hotel Instagramable in Solo with a low price is The Garden Suites Solo, a strategic location, which is right on Jalan Dr. Rajiman No. 333, Panulaaran, Laweyan, Solo. Hotel Instagramable in Solo has a beautiful atmosphere, homey and shady, where in front of the hotel two classic house buildings stand parallel. One building is a restaurant garden restaurant, and the other is the boutique Erna Boutique. The Garden Suites Solo carrying the concept of the Boutique Hotel seemed unique with classic buildings and almost all of its furniture made of wood. In addition there are also various kinds of plants that you can see when you enter the lodging area.

The Garden Suites Solo does not provide it in large quantities for rooms, which is only about 20 rooms available for guests. But it is precisely what makes the atmosphere more comfortable and calm.

3. Stone house Villa & Spa

Hotel Instagramable in the next solo is the villa & Spa stone home, a 3-star hotel located on Ovensari street. This hotel is known as one of the hotels with the nuances of Java which is quite thick. Although the exterior of the building does not show traditional Javanese architecture, the impression will change after you enter the inside of the hotel. According to its name, the lobby area is dominated by stone elements, namely a stone house. But once entering the restaurant area, you will immediately feel a thick atmosphere with traditional Javanese architecture.

This Villa & Spa stone house is not only popular because of its Javanese architecture concept. But, this hotel also has some quite okay facilities, ranging from an outdoor pool to salon facilities, massage, and a sauna. Because the atmosphere in the hotel area is wonderful and quiet, as well as the location of the hotel that is not so far from places with stunning views, then Hotel Instagramable in Solo is also suitable for the location of the honeymoon for new brides. Especially for newlywed couples who want a honeymoon to save.

4. Omah Sinten Heritage Hotel

Not only is the name unique, but Omah Sinten this hotel has a unique atmosphere too. Once entering the hotel area, you will feel like being thrown into the past, where traditional buildings with the Javanese architecture style stand amid our lives. All areas of this hotel are designed with traditional Java concepts.

The concept of Javanese architecture is consistently applied in the arrangement of the garden and interior of Omah Sinten, so it is not surprising that almost all corners of this hotel are rich in spots that can fill your Instagram. Omah Sinten is also quite well-selling sweetly used as a pre-wedding location and a place to hold various other cultural festivals. Not wrong if Omah Sinten Hotel became one of the Instagrammable hotels in Solo.

5. Alila Hotel Solo

Hotel Instagramable in Solo with a luxurious nuance one of them is Alila Hotel Solo. Alila Hotel Solo is a five-star hotel with a modern, elegant and luxurious design, very suitable for a business or leisure trip. Facilities you can get at the hotel located on Jalan Slamet Riyadi 562, Laweyan This is a room with complete toiletries, AC, TV, Mini bar, Spa, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Outdoor pool, Resto, Bar, Café, Gym, and others.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Solo by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.