How to Be Happy After a Breakup

The act of breaking up is always a sad one. Whether you are ending the relationship or not, there is no dancing around the matter. You will be a bit sad afterwards. But at the end of the day, it’s only a breakup and not the end of the world. It may seem like everything is bleak and horrible, but life goes on, and so should you. Your options and horizons are now open, and you can start enjoying your newfound freedom! Theres unlimited opportunities to enjoy yourself so here’s how to start!

1. Set life goals

Your previous life is over. The sooner you accept that simple truth, the better. It is the only way you can move on. Let the past stay where it is while you focus on building your future! Now you are free to set your existence goals, and tailor-make them to your liking. The first step is self-reflecting and realising what you wish for yourself and what you aim to achieve. Do what you’ve always wanted but could not do since you were in a relationship! You may not realise it now if the breakup was recent, but a whole world of opportunities opens once life shuts one door.

2. Give yourself time

Time heals all wounds. A broken heart and a soul ache need you to take life at your own pace. It can be a month, several a year, or even more. It does not matter. You will realise in time that you matter more than you think now. Most people in bad relationships suffocate themselves and forget who they are. The reasons for this are multiple. You either try to please the other person too much. Or you change far from your original self. Whatever the reason is, the bad is behind you, and time is your ally. Take baby steps and enjoy each day and your newfound freedom.

3. Indulge your desires

People in bad relationships forget what makes them happy and focus on pleasing their partners more. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, when you do it too much, and too often, you will lose yourself in the process. But now you are free to do whatever you wish. It’s high time to pamper yourself and do something wild! Book an exotic vacation and travel alone.

Invite your friends to a wild night at a one of sensual and erotic Melbourne brothels. Host a party at your place! Go camping in the wild and meditate under the stars. Start that hobby you’ve always wanted but were never allowed. Renew your relationships and do stupid and funny things with your mates. The world is your oyster friend, and you should sip glorious nectar from it. For too long have you been denied!

4. Don’t start anew to soon

Bad breakups usually come from long relationships. You were emotionally attached, and it’s natural to feel pain once that attachment snaps and is gone. People turn to quick hookups and jump into a new relationship right away to fill in the gap, which is a wrong action. Your emotions are all over the place. A fresh and committed relationship is out of the question!

Since people are different when it comes to emotional needs, different practices may fit. On the other side of the spectrum lie platonic relationships, which can help you feel the gap and void inside you, without emotionally scaring you. Whatever floats your boat since you are the captain once more!

5. Chanel that energy!

As time passes by, you will pass thru different stages of post-break-up grief. Eventually, you will come to terms with your situation, and you will realise that you have an abundance of free time. An idle mind is the devil’s playground, so to avoid falling into the usual pitfalls, find a creative output. Art and sports are perfect ways to channel all of that excess energy, get into shape and start feeling good about yourself. All hobbies have a social aspect and can eat up your spare time, so start browsing!

Time heals all wounds. The more you give it, and the more you focus on yourself, the better your future becomes. There is always sun after the storm, so hold on tight, don’t lose sight, and you will get thru this sooner than you think!