Why You Must Be “Crazy” To Succeed In Life?

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Every one of us has heard many times until now that we must be a little “crazy” in order to succeed in something that we do. And before you turn over the eyes, the truth is, craziness and success are synonymous!

Whether it is up to career, love, art, sport, activism and poetry, the “freaks” are those who moved the boundaries, and because of that they have became famous and always succeed in their work.

Why you must be crazy to succeed in life (1)

Here are 6 reasons why we think that you should be a little “crazy” in order to achieve something:

1. You do not care what other people think

“Crazy” people have known from a long time that the sooner they get rid from the pressure of other people and their negative thoughts, the sooner they will be happy. When the expectation to do something that others think is “normal” does not bothers you, then you will become free and more creative in your work.

2. You will not care about the rules

The rules are created by people with a lack of creative ideas and imagination. How can you enjoy the spontaneity if you constantly worry about timing and protocol? How can you follow someone else’s instructions all the time and not be afraid to think beyond what already exists?

3. Then instead of “no”, you’ll hear “I dare you”

Try to say “no” to a positively “crazy” person and he will accept it as a challenge.

4. You will be “crazy” enough to believe in yourself

It is not about that other people are smarter, more talented or better than you. It is about that they believe to be sufficiently powerful and special to get what they want. And they also work very hard for it.

Why you must be crazy to succeed in life (2)

5. You will not ask for permission

Your new motto will be: “I’d rather pray for forgiveness than to ask for permission”.

6. Then you will chase your passion, not the money

For these “crazy” people that we are talking, their passion leads them were their money cannot.

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